Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Hospital Visit

WE abided by my father's desire to wait until today to go to the hospital for his injuries. Had I thought they were life threatening he would have been taken directly there after arriving at our house.

Anyway, Dad woke up three times this morning: 6:30 a.m., 8 a.m. and 9:45a.m. After eating his oatmeal and having his pedicure (which he sorely needed) we went to the hospital. Arrived and 11:30 a.m. and left at 4:15 p.m. He was seen by a very nice new doctor who immediately realized he was #1, forgetful; #2, in denial; and #3, in need of 24 hour supervision, at least short term. Long story short, he has a torn rotator cuff which cannot be repaired due to his age, his pacemaker and his overall health. He also has a severely sprained left foot, a fractured rib and several other bruises. The doc did say the bruises had "developed at different times due to different mishaps."

Dad came home with his right arm in a sling for a week and an air cast on his foot. Given those two situations he realized he could not stay alone and promptly said, "Well, I guess you get your wish to have me stay with you awhile." I told him we were happy to have him and would never consider NOT caring for him.

Tonight he called my two sisters and gave them the news. His middle daughter lives five miles further from town than he does so she'll check on his cat, collect his mail and shovel his steps. The youngest daughter lives in town, works part time, is unreliable, always broke, etc. Last night I called to tell her of Dad's fall. She said he could stay with her so she could "keep my bills paid." As usual she wants another lifeline. If she had a million dollar lifeline she'd be in the same condition within a month, maybe less.

We never crossed the bridge from Hancock (where the hospital is) to Houghton where Dad's car is parked. Didn't want to give him any opportunity to change his mind and attempt to drive. We offered to pick up clothing and his cat before coming home and he said, "No, I'm not moving in yet."

So, we're thankful he's okay and here with us. He sees the "bone doctor" Jan.12th and hopes he can have the cast and sling removed.

So, I've decided the next several days will be a good "test" for all of us. As usual, Thanks to all of you for your comments.


Sixbears said...

Your dad's lucky he's got you.

My wife and I have been saving a room for dad, if he ever needs it.

For a month last summer we had four generations living under one roof. We all survived and overall I enjoyed it. Helps if you got enough space.

HermitJim said...

Here's hoping that Dad sees living at your place isn't as bad as he thought! I do hope his injuries heal up pretty quickly and that he feels better soon.

Almost the same situation here with my Mom...but what can you do but be supportive and available!

Good luck to all!

Did it MY way said...

There is always hope. Perhaps your dad finally see's the light. Assure him it's family, not some uncareing assisted living.

I have always said I would not live with my kids, and they have always said there was a room for me when I wanted it. Love like that is hard to refuse if you think about it.

God Bless You and your extended family.

See Ya

debbieo said...

I am so glad he is with you. Now at least you know he is being taken care of and not taken advantage of (in your sisters case).
My hubby got a job offer today, he starts Monday. I am so excited, he had been out of work for five months.

2 Tramps said...

Hope that you are all doing okay now that you have your dad staying with you for awhile. The way we handle our aging family is to deduct their current age from 100 and remember that they are whatever age that is left. Tramp 1's dad is 12 by this method and we are better able to understand his issues when we look at it that way. It helps us deal with our frustrations, too, when we remember this.

treesong said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments. And Debbio I am glad to hear the news re: your hubby's job. If we were without a SS check for five months we'd make it but it would be a concern nonetheless.

Dad said yesterday" "Ah, you are made of sturdy stock if you can stay here every day and not do much or see people." I said: "I am sturdy! And hauling firewood, shoveling, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and being Sweetie's 'secretary' is doing something." I then said, the way we look at it, as things continue to fall apart, we're already used to "doing nothing" and "Doing without" so we're miles ahead of everyone else.

Then, this morning, he was looking at ONE of our pantries - the other is hidden all over the house. He said, "Yeah, you two might be sitting here instead of being "busy" like a few other people I know but you don't want for anything."

If nothing else, when he leaves here he'll know we're not the ones he has to worry about.

I invited my sister out for dinner today. Can't come. Doesn't have any gas in her car.