Thursday, January 14, 2010

Since January 10th

Dad had his return appointment with the "bone doctor" on the 12th. He no longer wears his sling and received a cortisone shot, instructions for arm exercises and an admonishment: no shoveling, no lifting. The doctor refuses any surgery and employed a lot of humor to communicate to Dad that staying with us was a wise choice.

Today was his regular VA Clinic appointment for a B12 shot and blood draw. On the way to town he said, "Well, I think maybe I better stay with you guys for the winter." Sweetest words I've never heard in a long time. No more concerns about him climbing nine steps to his front door, falling, or being lonely.

My brother, who's in Jordan, was told about Dad's fall, etc. and said he'd call Dad. That was three days ago. No call yet but that's par for the course. My sisters and children are a bit stunned that he's decided to stay here because "he's always on the go." I said everyone eventually slows down and Dad left home every day to have company. Duh!!!

Yesterday I said I hoped he wasn't bored to death here but he said he was bored at home "with no one there." So as far as we're concerned that's settled.

This family doesn't communicate with one another so I've called everyone - including my ex - and told them, "This is his home too. You can visit him anytime; you can pick him up anytime/anywhere; you can call him on our line or his cell but he's made his choice!"

Believe me, it will be an adjustment for all of us!!!

On a lighter note, even our cats are making the adjustment. Kitty Kitty's taken on the role of "this is my house" while Dad's cat, Oreo, who's never gotten along with other cats, has tried repeatedly to befriend our cat. Quite the role reversal we were expecting. Even at his house Oreo would never accept other visitors, let alone cats!

We placed Oreo's litter box and food dish in a location out of sight of Kitty Kitty but Oreo has decided to use our cat's possessions. For two days, Kitty Kitty sat on an ottoman glaring at Oreo whenever she did this. Today, she placed herself between the two locations and growls whenever Oreo approaches. Not to be swayed, Oreo gradually approached Kitty Kitty and sat down nearby. She'll remain there for several minutes while our cat protests, then walks away, only to try again later. Maybe persistence will wear Kitty Kitty down. Time will tell!


Mamma Bear said...

Treesong... I'm glad your Dad is staying. We finally got Mom here to our property. She did not want to move in with us so she bought a used 35 foot travel trailer. It was quite a chore for her to downsize from a 3 bedroom 2 bath home to her "little house" as she calls it. I don't think she exactly likes it here but it's getting better for her. We live so far out that we very seldom have visitors. It's 45 minutes into town. Mom still drives and we gave her our old 4 wheel drive Bronco so she could feel better about living on these dirt roads. She gave my niece her car.

Regardless, I feel better she is out here and not in town just as you do about your Dad. More and more drug dealers were moving into her neighborhood and it was nothing for her to get up in the middle of the night and stand with a shot gun on her front porch. I was so afraid she was going to get shot or worse.

SciFiChick said...

I'm so glad to hear that your dad will be staying with you guys! It sounds like he's settling in just fine too. I know it is sometimes hard to adjust to having another person around. It was a wonderful thing you did by calling and letting every one know that they are welcome to come "steal" him away whenever.(especially the ex!)
It sounds like Kitty Kitty will have to be doing some adjusting as well. I got tickled thinking about that. YOUR persistence with your dad finally wore him down as well! LOL

debbieo said...

I too am glad you dad is there for the winter.
The cat thing is funny. We have a cat that it took two years for her to make friends with the other cats and the dog. Now she actually tollerates the dog. He sometimes decides to chase her up a tree. These are all outdoor animals.
Mamam Bear's idea about the trailer is a good one. We actually have hook ups for a camper even sewer. That's a good idea.
take care,

2 Tramps said...

You have certainly had more than your share of change to adjust to in the last year. It is so good that things are working out well with your dear dad. As for the cats, it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Sixbears said...

Treesong. It'll be an adjustment, but it's a good thing all around.

I've got my dad used to the idea of staying here a few weeks at a time. If it reaches the point where he has to move it, at least he'll have spent time here before.

It's a long way from his place in FL to mine in NH, but he still travels well.

Dad refuses to pay the high insurances costs in FL so I figure he's just one storm away from moving it.

Glad it's working out with your dad. He's lucky to have someone looking out for him. (Of course, he probably thinks he's looking out for you!)

Anonymous said...

Good, good to know he had been thinking about it . He may have wanted to see in the trial run , if he was going to inconvenience you. Kudos all around to all of you for making this situation at least oreo is giving it the good ol' college try. At least they will tolerate each other....maybe oreo was a little lonely too.