Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jessie Ventura, Hoarders and Other Thoughts

First, I didn't mean to give the impression that I'm complaining about my Dad being here. Far from it. He's always been nearly our only company so appreciate this time with him and his reports to my siblings that "he's being spoiled."

His stories are interesting and varied. Today he talked about a potato farmer in Posen, Michigan; his time on the icebreaker Mackinaw; his memories of living in Detroit during the Depression; and when he first asked a girl to dance!

Today, we did our monthly shopping and Dad was along for the experience. I spent $189.43 which included two 10# bags of chicken, three large packages of pork sirloin chops, two packages of brats and three packages of chicken gizzards. Everything else was dry goods, four 34.5oz. cans of Folgers for $6 each; some canned goods and fresh veggies. As usual, I noticed the price increases: butter up by 50 cents; potato chips up by 25 cents; hamburger was $2.79# and 2# of carrots were $1.76. The "on sale" meats were real shockers: beef roast $3.49 - $4.29# depending on the cut; there was a $1.22 per/pound difference on sirloin pork chops between Walmart and Econo Foods. So once again, we'll eat less meat and more soups and casseroles.

My oldest son was here visiting last night and someone mentioned Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories. Surprisingly, my son said he watches the show and agrees that most of what's presented is "probably true." Of course I had to say, "How can you think those stories are true and not prep like we do?" Silence filled the room and it seemed that a light bulb went off. Tonight he was back out here to do some electrical work. On the drive back to his girlfriend's workplace he said he was awake last night thinking about what I'd said. I simply said, "Well, keep thinking."

We have another reason for appreciating this place - lake affect. It's always 10 degrees warmer here in the winter and 10 degrees colder in the summer and the annual snowfall is less. Sweetie has plowed the drive about six times this winter and three of those were "just to play" in two inches of new snow.

And then there's the TV show Hoarders. Any of you watch it? The few episodes I've seen are a reminder of my youngest sister - during most of her life. Medication and counseling has helped some. My mother was a hoarder but not a messy one. When she ran out of storage she just bought a warehouse, and then another and another. When those were full she bought old semi trailers and parked them in the field. She's been gone since 1997 and there is still stuff to clean up.

I can see a larger garden and maybe an chicken or cow in the near future. And come spring we'll begin to accumulate firewood! I'll feel better when we have three years worth stacked.

If the price increases continue - which they will - well, I just can't imagine the pain it's going to be for people. And if you're a prepper don't your appreciate all those items bought at lower prices?

Well, time to do the dishes. Take care, Treesong


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

I did not interpret your last post as complaining, about your dad or anything else. You don't strike me as a whiner at all. lol

Don't you love it when you are there to witness the flash of light in a young person's mind ...especially one of your own? I hope your son does continue to think on what you said. Good for you for saying it!

Mayberry said...

Wow. It's amazing to watch someone wake up, ain't it? Sometimes it takes a frying pan up the back side of the head to do it, but the end result is worth it for all parties involved... I'm still trying to wake my folks up, but due to their recent purchase of four acres in the sticks after spending five years on the road, I think they're slowly getting the message. They still don't have food storage, but I'm working on them. Dad does want to plant a garden in the spring. Baby steps...

chinasyndrome said...

Apparently Jessie ventura is working,even my dad is starting to believe at least some of it now.when I tell him about Bildergerg group Ho hum jessie says it must be true,oh well long as they are preppin.Good day!

Did it MY way said...

With the cold weather in the sourthern states crops are failing at alarming rates. Prep now, because prices are going to go up and up and up. Of course any excuse to raise prices will do, but this is real, and serious.

See Ya