Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Progress

This is a Charles Wysocki puzzle Dad and I just completed. The scene reminds me of what we should all be striving for: self-sufficiency. This place has everything but a lake or spring but, who knows, maybe they're hidden from view! What more could we desire? A fruit tree, garden, farm animals, outhouse, well, sturdy home, woods to supply the fireplace and plenty of fresh air!

Dad opted out of our excursion yesterday so we ran errands. Our first stop was the lumber yard for twenty 2x6 treated planks to expand the deck area at the front door. We recently added a used storm door courtesy of one of my son's foreclosures. Prior to this project, which Sweetie completed in two and a half hours - we had three steps to the front door with no landing before entering the shed. With no room to manuever this made access difficult and dangerous.

Come spring we'll connect the "new" decking to the existing deck and eliminate one set of steps. In the meantime we built a 4x8 foot platform, snugged it against the house and reattached the steps and handrailing.

At the Habitat ReStore we picked up new bread and pizza pans for 50 cents each and 4#s of 16 penny nails for 50 cent a pound.

We were gone three hours and checked in on Dad once. We also stopped at my oldest son's where I delivered the message intended for my family members on Tuesday: "Grandpa's wondering if you've all forgotten him. He asked me to check if his phone was working because he seldom gets a call." That got his attention.

As we were leaving he asked what we were having for supper. I told him roast and he pulled one out of his fridge. Seems we were on the same wavelength in that regard.

"If you'll prepare it, I'll get Bryan to pick me up," he said. How could I refuse? We had a great gabbing around the table as we devoured two beef roasts, sweet corn, french bread, Yukon Gold potatoes, broccoli and peach and blueberry pies.

Telling my son about Dad's "wondering" guaranteed the message would travel thoughout the family with maximum impact. The family listens to him because they know we're close and he's able to best "explain" me!

Tonight my youngest sister is coming for a visit. Tomorrow Dad's invited to feed scraps of wood into the stove at my youngest son's while he finishs drywalling. When completed, this rehab will be off grid and he'll stop paying rent.

So onward we go. Hope you all have a great weekend, Treesong


Mayberry said...

That's a hell of a puzzle. Would drive me nuts...

treesong said...

Mayberry! I thought of you when we built this puzzle! LOL! Just the little homestead you need.

Anonymous said...

Well, hecky durn, all it took was one sentence and the whole family is moving into action. Sometimes folks just need a little remindin'.
The puzzle is great and I think I spy a pond just to the other side of the garden fence ...yah, just over there to the left of the far side of the garden. And the spring is back along the tree line at the bottom of the little hill and cliffs , hidden by the trees.
I have to remark that my word verification is 'mazin' . Just like you , one 'mazin woman . :)

HermitJim said...

All in all, sounds like a very good day!

Very nice puzzle work, my friend! Good work with the family as well!

Did it MY way said...

That puzzle is a preppers dream.

Glad the family is waking up. Good sign.

God Bless.

I plan on being in Michigan this summer.

See Ya