Friday, January 8, 2010

Companies Destroy Unsold Items

Got this elsewhere on the web:
"This week the New York Times reported a disheartening story about two of the largest retail chains. You see, instead of taking unsold items to sample sales or donating them to people in need, H&M and Wal-Mart have been throwing them out in giant trash bags. And in the case that someone may stumble on these bags and try to keep or re-sell the items, these companies have gone ahead and slashed up garments, cut off the sleeves of coats, and sliced holes in shoes so they are unwearable."

If this isn't the most wasteful, stupidest thing I've heard TODAY. The corporate nitwits ought to be forced to wear these items.

I was reading the entire article to my Dad and he said during the Depression potatoes were thrown out but first dyed purple to discourage people from eating them!!!! In other words, if you're not going to buy a product - regardless of the reason - then we'll make sure it's completely unfit just in case you think you're going to get it for free.

Knowing me, if I had discovered bags of new items intentionally damaged I'd be remaking them into usuable - just to spite the bastards. Just curdles my blood.


HermitJim said...

Just goes to show how greed is fast becoming the law of the least by the standards of big business!

Makes you sick, doesn't it?

Did it MY way said...

Remember China Mart only cares about money. Why do people shop there? I have never shopped there. How long would they last if nobody shopped there?
You say they are cheap? Well where would people shop if there was no China Mart? I get by on 16k a year,and NO China mart.

See Ya

The Fat Mermaid said...

I read the same article and was in a "so angry I could spit" mood for about an hour! I totally agree with you. This is horrible! Gimmie a couple of spools of thread and I would have been right there with you remaking everything into wearables. Who do these idiots think they are?!?!
P.S. I hope your dad is doing OK.

Mayberry said...

The waste in this country is disgusting. I worked at KFC when I was a kid, and we tossed out "old" chicken every night. Weren't allowed to take it home either. I put it in trash bags so the dumpster divers could get it easily, and it would stay clean....

Anonymous said...

You left out the ChinaMart quote that soothed my initial shock: "A Wal-Mart spokeswoman, Melissa Hill, said the company normally donates all its unworn goods to charities, and would have to investigate why the items found on 35th Street were discarded."