Friday, January 1, 2010

SOOOOOO Thankful to Be Home!

Hello 2010 and all you preppers/bloggers/readers out there.

We drove 1250 miles in three days, slept very little and enjoyed seeing Sweetie's nieces and nephews, despite the death of their mother and his oldest sister. And miracle of miracles, we had dry roads for all but the last 150 miles!

We came home to about 2 inches of new snow so there was no need to walk in 400 feet or plow. What a blessing for two tired folks.

Kitty, Kitty, who's not much of a lap cat, has blessed Sweetie with her presence. Our dog Lady has remained in HER recliner and the wood stove is peculating away. All is well in our little world.

Being away for a few days and white knuckling our way through 4-6 lanes of traffic gave us an appreciation of our little home. As we were introduced to various mourners, we were always referred to as the "hardy folks who drove all the way from the UP." That caught people's attention and the questions about our location, how much snow we have, and how cold it is soon follow. As invariably happens, we met transplanted Yoopers or people who are related to them. Even the funeral home director's wife grew up 15 miles from us. When I asked her maiden name I discovered she's the sister of my lawyer. Small world indeed.

Some of you are familiar with a grocery chain called Save-a-Lot. We stopped at one in Gaylord on our way north. Every spare space in the car was utilized. Our poor dog had to squeeze between the step ladder we picked up at Sweetie's mom's vacant house and stacks of canned goods. Our bed pillows cushioned the area for our dog and the luggage was re-arranged in the trunk so two sets of shop lights could squeeze in. Canned soups and veggies for 59 cents a can; crackers for 89 cents; coffee for $4.69; and great deals on meat were a huge savings compared to what we pay here.

One of my three nephews leaves tomorrow for Afghanistan. I'm not happy about that and pray that he'll return safe and sane. He joined the Marines after high school and loves the discipline and camaraderie. In that respect it's been a good experience for him. But, I don't support the "war on terror" and I think we're in a quagmire. It troubles me that my young nephew has no comprehension of the politics surrounding our presence there - or in Iraq - and has been thoroughly brainwashed. He no longer thinks (not that he was ever taught to) but just reacts to instructions. And yes, I understand that a soldier's duty is to follow orders. But we have millions of young people coming out of high school with no ability to think or analyze and many of those are prime targets for a military machine. So there's my political rant for the day.

Well, it's time to take a rest. I've been going non-stop since we got home at 4:15p.m.

Thanks to all of you for your comments. Keep prepping, have perseverance and hope for 2010. Treesong


2 Tramps said...

Good that you are back home again and had a safe trip. We are in a motel tonight - it is very relaxing and a pleasant place to be - we have stayed here several times this year while visiting family in the area. But like you, we are looking forward to getting back home again. Today while driving for four hours, we went through the alphabet trying out names for the dog we don't have yet... Either too much time in the car or we are finally getting close to getting a new dog!

Happy New Year to you both from way out west!

Anonymous said...

Well thank god You guys are safe and sound.I know this might sound silly but the Wife and I were worried . We dont blog but We do read and follow Your blog daily.I too have a feeling about the current War.It so mirrors VietNam that its scary.I want Our people to come Home. It dosent matter what happens the end will be the same We will leave and the current Goverment will collapse because its corrupt and was propped up by Our Troops.I too was a bright eyed Young lad raised on tails of My Father and relatives fighting the good War,so I enlisted in 68. 2 tours later at the ripe old age of 22 I was not so keen on War in general There are some lines from Kipling. "There is talk of war in the Balkins. Young Men Grow Beards and strut as if on parade,Old Generals smile and see glory, Old Veterans sip Their Whiskey stare into the fire and say "Damm"May God Bless and Keep You and Yours.
Nells and Jean

Did it MY way said...

Glad to see you made it home. Every trip even for bad news sometimes has a silver lining. The added preps bought cheap will help.
And as always it's good to be home. Stay warm.

God Bless.

See Ya