Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Returning to Normal?

A little at least. I usually take a walk every morning. I'd slacked off for a month and began again just prior to Dad moving in two weeks ago. Since then I've been out trekking four times. This morning I resolved to head out no matter the weather, my frame of mind or anything short of an ambulance being in the drive.

It was a little slippery but I had my cell phone in case I took a spill and couldn't get up. Wouldn't that bite?

The forecast for Lake Linden calls for a high of 25 but it's already 32 here at our paradise. Gotta love that lake effect warmth and half the snowfall!

Another real estate sign has popped up in the neighborhood. Seventeen acres that sold last year is up for sale at twice the price. Just over 500 feet of inland lake shore - but the DEQ won't permit building within any reasonable distance of the shoreline due to some wetland areas. Will be interesting to see if anyone bites.

Yesterday we watched the political race in Massachusetts. The Democrats had better pay attention. The Republican winner has an opportunity to take his message - and the underlying ramifications of it - and create a new momentum that puts all politicians on notice. The people are sick and tired of not being represented. There was much made of the Dems arrogance, their poor listening skills and the runaway spending. Today, what little news we listened to, talked of various "spins" regarding the Massachusetts race.

To put it bluntly, the time is ripening for a revolt by the people. And our so called representatives had better change course. Last night one news commentator essentially said the people are ready for a revolution. I seldom listen to the news so it was surprising to hear this.

Well enough of my limited political observation. I hate politics! Good thing I live in the boonies. If I were in Washington I'd likely be arrested.

We're working on a puzzle again today - cheap entertainment. When it's finished I'm going to post a picture of it. You'll see why - soon, I promise.


Did it MY way said...

Great post today.Sometimes "Normal" is good.

Have a good one.

See Ya

Mayberry said...

Glad things are settling down for y'all. Wetlands? I'd like to own some of that. Wetlands means dinner.... I'd rather have my house tucked back in the trees away from the water anyways.

Anonymous said...

Howdy gal, Just caught up on all which has gone on in your life the past month. WOW - a lot to process. Good for you for watching out for your dad. We took in my mother-in-law last year for six is a lot of work!

Too bad the family doesn't call or visit - yeah been there done that too.

Take care of yourself - and you are right to get out and keep going with your help you have some quiet, me time and destress and keep moving!

Hang in there - love to all...prayers for you, sweetie and dad too!

MaMaBear in the Mitten

treesong said...

Thanks to all of you for stopping by. We're waiting for my Dad to get up and have breakfast. Have decided to take a little excursion - more for his sake - after returning some auto parts in Calumet. Mayberry, I agree on having a home tucked back in the trees. Sure hope all those pines we transplanted in our front yard "take" and over the years we're less visible. Have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am all for excursions... I see a little of the finding of 'treasures' in your future. You guys have fun.