Saturday, March 6, 2010

Picture of Our Keweenaw Outing

Today the temps were in the 40's, the sun was shining and we rolled out of our drive at 10:30 a.m. bound for Copper Harbor. Took the lake route, driving to Gay, then Lac La Belle and finally Copper Harbor. We stopped for coffee and a bathroom break at the Bear Belly Bar & Grill overlooking Lac La Belle Lake. Pictured are my Dad and Sweetie. Note the bear and beaver on the pine log above the bar.

Other scenes are along Lake Superior's shoreline and The Holy Transfiguration Skete, Society of St. John. The monastery is located at 6500 State Hwy. M26, three miles east of Eagle River. The brothers operate The Jampot across the street with a wide selection of jams, confections, fruitcakes and bread. The business is well known throughout this area and does a booming mail order business as well. Google The Jampot for more information. Their products are expensive as far as I'm concerned but their more than 25 years on the Keweenaw coastline is a testament to their determination.

I could write forever about the various natural and man made attractions in this area and our history. But my fingers are fatiqued and it's time for my Dad's backrub!!


Bustednuckles said...

If that ain't a pair of ornery looking old bastards, I'll eat my hat!
Good on ya sweety.
Glad you are still kicking ass and taking names.

I may not comment often but I read what you have to say on a daily basis.
BTW, I love that wood stove, I have a similar one stashed in my dads garage. I know right where it is if I need it and I aquired a little tiny one for a buck when I moved into this trailer. I had a kid at work make a new front door for it because the one that came with it was not the right one. I also had him make the piece that goes from the stove to the pipe because it isnot something you can buy. He just got done with it and now I am going to cut a hole in the wall and get 'er done.
Thankfully, here in the Pacific Northwest, we don't get month after month of freezing ass weather.
Still, it gets cold enough here that I am going to install that little bugger because if I have to, I can cook on it because it has a flat top and three chunks of a two by four will heat this joint up to the point I will have to open the door.

My best to you and a hearty one finger salute to your detractors.


Did it MY way said...

Copper Harbor, and the Bear Belly Bar and Grill overlooking Lac La Belle Lake. Typical Michigan. Gotta love it.

Thanks for the tour. Loved the pics. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

See Ya