Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jerking Government's Chain

Sweetie's son has been awarded Social Security disability. What a crock he went through to get it - since having his leg amputated - and a further travesty he's endured to receive a damn cent! Twenty six months after filing for disability, he went before a judge! The judge said: as of today you are awarded full social security disability benefits including Medicare." He then asked him if he had been on Medicaid during all this waiting period. "Yes, you honor. For three months, then I was kicked off." The judge nearly had a coronary and told him, "As of today you also qualify for Medicaid and you let me know if there's anymore waiting."

Kind of remarkable to hear from the bench. Well, fast forward three months. Today, he received his Medicaid card. In the meantime he has talked with Social Security numerous times by phone and in person and had two formal appointments with them but still no check. In fact, the bastards won't even tell him how much his monthly check will be. Nor will they tell him the amount of his back pay. Ludicrous, plain ludicrous. When he asks why they won't give him any pertinent information he's told, "I'm not allowed to release that information."

Then the census taker knocked on the door. He asked me to verify our address. I said, "look on the mailbox or the green post out there with the 911 address." The guy didn't think it was funny and repeated the question. I said, "If you can't read the address how did you manage to get a job with the census?" He commenced to explain the penalty for not cooperating. Well, I gotta tell you. Any idiot who knocks on my door before I've had my morning cup of coffee and wants me to answer an asinine question or fill in a form needs a wake up call. "Tell you what, come back when the owner's here," I said. "I don't know a thing. Besides, I could be a squatter and the owner could be buried in the back yard for all you know." Poor guy looked like he wanted to walk backwards very carefully. I smiled, told him to have a nice day, and shut the door. He walked back down the driveway, sat in his car awhile and kept trying to get cell phone reception. After about 10 minutes he left. Maybe that cop car with the spotlight will be paying me another visit!

Later it occurred to me, I was never counted in the last census. Never filled out a form, never had a visit, never, never, never. And look how well our government continues to pillage the country? Little old me not being included didn't change a damn thing.


Did it MY way said...

I share your pain working with SS. My wife waited almost two years before her claim was approved.

Seems everybody wants to have fun with the census takers. Mayberry has a good rant for them.

My motto "Name and address and kiss my ass"

See Ya

Mayberry said...

And what was that penalty? The Constitution requires them to count heads, no more. Names, ages, address, it's all irrelevant. They just need to know there are X number of people in a given CONgressional district. Period...

HermitJim said...

Sorry the son had such rough time getting through the red tape...but that seems to be par for the course!

Way to go with the census guy! You did good!

MEB said...

If you think S.S. is bad now...just wait. Treesong, have you made any more of the tunics like the one you posted way back?

treesong said...

I have no doubt SS will be a bigger mess than it is now in five years when I can begin to collect.

MEB - I made two other tunics and sold both. Have not done any sewing since moving here and now Dad has taken over my guest/sewing room so I doubt I'll do anything but mend for awhile.