Monday, March 22, 2010

The First Load of Posts!

Other than seeing my beloved Sweetie, there's no better sight than the first load of cedar fence posts - at $1.50 each! Due to the terrain, we're using a mix of cedar and steel T-posts. Cedar for all the corners and as a blockade in two areas where steel posts were pushed down.

And to clarify, the neighbor who wound up in the mental ward DOES NOT have land adjoining us. However, it would be nice if the two neighbors who are jerks on our property line become fellow ward mates. ONE of them previously spent a few days there so there's always hope.

Well, it's time to help unload, do laundry, carry in firewood - temps in the mid 20's here at night - and fix supper. Have a great day. I'm feeling pumped because this is the first step toward progress!!! And I love to see progress around here. Yahoooo!!!!


LizBeth said...

The trees are beautiful!!! Enjoy them for me, too!

2 Tramps said...

Sounds like you are going to get things set right. Hopefully this will be the end of your issues!

Mayberry said...

That neighbor is lucky. In Texas he'd likely get a load of buckshot in his arse.... Beautiful spot y'all are in though. Happy fence building!