Monday, March 1, 2010

March Musings

Another month begins and so does my prepping list. Tomorrow I'll grab a newspaper somewhere - preferably free - and check out the sales. If there's anything I absolutely can't live without for a few more days, I'll buy it. Otherwise, my monthly shopping trip is planned for sometime between the 5th and the 10th. Lots of leeway there because we're jammed packed with appointments from now through the 9th. Most are for Dad - who came home from his weekend getaway kind of cranky - so we're treading lightly for a few days here.

The new toilet we bought last fall was installed yesterday. What a treat to not feel like we're using the kiddie bathroom. As usual, Sweetie discovered some more of the previous owner's engineering when he removed the old toilet. We were prepared to do the complete job but Murphy's Law strikes again so I packed everything up and thanked myself for NOT mixing up any mud.

Dad had come home earlier than expected and stood in the bathroom shaking his head.
According to him, with every new discovery we make, he's more convinced we paid for the land and the pole barn. "The home," he said, "is an afterthought that someone didn't bother to tear down." Oh well.

My Dad was skunked by every cribbage player he encountered this weekend. Then he was not impressed with my ex's attempts to "advise" him on what would be best for his health. He went to bed early last night and took two naps today. When he walked in the door Sunday he said, "Nice to be home. Really nice." Of course we appreciated his comment but I wondered if it was for our benefit because he's aware of the family dynamics. Last night, my SIL emailed concerning the other camp's "discussion" with Dad. Of course, they had nothing flattering to say about us. Oh well again.

We communicate with a fellow prepper in Lower Michigan who's coming to the area in April. He works here for about 6-8 months and stays in his motor home at a park nearby. So it will be interesting to meet.

Well, supper's nearly done and I'm starved. Have a great day, Treesong


Mayberry said...

As to the "family"; f*#k 'em, feed 'em fish heads, and burnt rice... You knew what's right when Dad came home and said what he said. Pardon my french....

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

I'm glad your dad has you to come home to. I doubt his comment was anything but sincere. You offer him a home where he is loved and cared for and catered to. They offer him a chance to be manipulated for THEIR benefit. I think your dad is smart enough to see that.

treesong said...

Mayberry - No need to apologize for the French. My mother was French and my Dad's Norwegian. I heard plenty of French growing up!

WWRWH, Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Dad's smarter than the average guy!

You both have a great day. We're off to our appointments and shopping.