Saturday, March 20, 2010

Comments Regarding Our Fence Line

I appreciate the comments regarding our fence line. Just to fill you all in - the BOTTOM photo shows the survey stake and the junk beyond it. The peach colored building on the left is part of the owner's camp. The building to it's right is his shed. Our property line goes THROUGH his outbuilding. Everything to the right of the building needs to be moved - one way or another. The TOP photo shows the survey stake of another owner and everything to the right is over our line - pontoon boat, snowmobiles, sheds, bed spring, trash, etc.

We stuck metal fence posts in the ground about every 50 feet last fall and ran a nylon line along the entire 1320 feet of our south line. Every 15-20 feet we tied orange plastic flagging tape on the line. We thought this would get everyone used to where the line was.

The south line is not a straight 1320 feet; it travels straight for about 750 feet before making a series of turns around adjoining lots. Picture a rectangle that on one end has a few "bites" into it along the 1320 foot side.

The lot owners have been respectful until the last 188 feet (where the pontoon boat is)before our first turn. Everything from that point on rankles the owners who have stuff piled well over the line. In the neighborhood they're the biggest trouble makers, litterbugs, drunks, fighters and just plain stubborn people. The guy we bought this place from was one of their good buddies. So the three families had long standing "traditions" that we have now "ruined" in their opinions.

Five owners within this 40-acre plat have had their lots surveyed. There are 75 lots within the plat and about 25 structures. We own four lots and all the acreage on the north and east sides that was never developed into lots.

According to a neighbor, most owners "assumed they knew where their lines were and haven't been willing to spend the money to know for sure." So along we come and basically put ONE THIRD of the neighborhood "on notice."

Three of the six full time residents have no problem with the survey. One full time and one part time resident who's lots adjoin us aren't happy and you can see why. A third full time resident, who lives on the second trail into the lots, is tolerated by most people. He claims we're acting like "big city nerds" for having our land surveyed.

After we bought the place people said they were glad to see it "get cleaned up" and warned us we'd have trouble from the two owners giving us headaches.

The nylon line and posts we installed last year were removed from nearly half the south line! The materials were thown into the woods and some are missing entirely. Trash, targets and arrows now litter MORE of our land than last year.

In other words, the disgruntled owners damaged our property and basically communicated f.y. A complaint was filed regarding this but no formal charges were pursued because both men are known as "loose cannons." A visit from the township supervisor and his recommendation was noted in my previous post.

So, yes, we'd love to be on good terms with everyone but they make the situation tenuous at best.


Mayberry said...

I know how I'd fix this:

Step one, rent bulldozer.

Step two, shove encroaching crap over property line.

Step three, erect simple post and wire fence on surveyed line.

Step four, greet anyone who has anything negative to say about steps one through three, or touches said fence, with loaded shotgun...

But then again, I'm a Texan. We believe that good fences make good neighbors, and we don't tolerate B.S..... We're funny that way....

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are SO going to cut down those fence posts.
Glad I'm not in your position, Treesong, and I wish you the best of luck, since it looks like you'll need it.

With incompetent law enforcement, what does one do? Is this a sign of the future, with the beasts out of control?
sign me,

Northwoods said...

I hadn't realized you'd given your neighbor's fair warning already.
If local law enforcement can't help you..
Then I'd personally handle it as Mayberry suggests but then he and I could back up those actions (can you?)
I have only two people who border my land...just wish they'd stop saying "Yes Sir" when I talk to em'..

treesong said...

Hello Northwoods,

Yes, we could back up our actions but when dealing with inebriated people you just never know how they'll react. The seasonal resident removed the line & is the one who fired his guns at night during deer season. His son was recently arrested for assault/property damage against another person in town. Right now we feel getting the fence installed before they arrive from their winter retreat will be best. Working on a fence line while they're standing there drinking, etc. would likely be more volital. time will tell.

SHARON said...

Wish I lived closer so I could help. I like Mayberry's solution, but, he is in Texas. Here in PA, I guess we are a bit more civil. I have good neighbor's now. Before, not so much, but, we just sorta ignored each other. Seems to me that if that week-kneeed, poor excuse for a law man, won't help, I'd get the state police involved. Above all, keep your cool, those low-lifes will show their true colors.

vlad said...

If local Sheriff and a state police do nothing, contact the office of the governor and your state representative.
A couple of years ago I paid $200 for a half page ad in The East Texas Peddler, once a week 40,000 copies over a wide area.
UP probably has a similar ad newspaper.
My ad got considerable attention and a tsunami of phone calls to the right places. The local TV came out, interviewed me and showed it on local news. My 30 seconds of
infamy. Your local LEO and state police would not enjoy such attention but it will get action.
Tell noone that you carry a concealed sidearm at all times starting today. When you dress put it in belt holster. It won't help from 200 feet away in the house if you are attacked in the yard.
Self-defence is optional. You have a right to choose to be bullied,
insulted, raped, burned out and/or butchered. It is still an allegedly free country so far this week.

chinasyndrome said...

It's your land.Do as you wish,if they were good neighbors you wouldn't have a problem to begin with.Good luck folks.