Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ever Consider Moving to Michigan?

How about the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?


Well, give it some thought. We've got lots of water, woods, foreclosed homes, vacant storefronts and people getting by on part time jobs, multiple jobs and gardening, hunting and fishing.

And, if you're willing to forgo freeways and 24/7 shopping, this is the place to be. Better still, if you prefer gravel roads, dead end or two track access and homes that haven't been remodeled since the 1950's you'll have your pick. Seriously.

The way I look at it, sooner or later we'll all need to lower our standards. If you believe in peak oil, and you can't afford thousands and thousands for solar and wind, then a woodlot looks mighty attractive. If you're among the millions of people who are either unemployed or underemployed do you really think our "economy" - which relies on paper pushing instead of manufacturing based here - will recover? Do you really expect all those lost jobs will return? Sure, someday "new jobs" will be developed. So? Someday could be 20 years from now.

If you've lost interest in McMansions and malls and living in "the right neighborhood," maybe a simple framed home with a few acres, outbuildings and an old orchard would suit you.

In the late 60's and 70's lots of "back to the landers" flooded into the Upper Peninsula. Many still remain. They've carved out lives on old farms, cabins deep in the woods, and small homes near town. Through perseverance they've created good, satisfying lives. Visions had to be altered, changes adapted to and sacrifices made. Their contributions include enhancing the arts, establishing co-ops, preserving coastlines and woodlands, community building and charity - to name a few.

And yes, we have snow. This winter may enter the record books as the least snowfall in years.

But, the weather could be worse. We don't experience hurricanes or tornadoes. Flooding is minimal. Air conditioning isn't an absolute necessity.

There are plenty of negatives too. But you'll find them everywhere. And sometimes there's opportunity where others think there's none.

Besides, we'd like some self-sufficient, prepper/gardening neighbors to band together with!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, and yes again. We have considered it for years. We check out realtor web sites all the time looking for the right place. We have also vacationed there several times checking out places to buy and enjoying the area. It is gorgeous territory up there and the lack of population is what draws us most.
How did you guys decide on there to live?

Pam said...

Hi. Along with your topic of moving to the UP, have you seen some of the webcams located in your area? I was looking this morning for Ann Arbor webcams to put on DH's business blogs and came across some in your area.

Looks a little snowy this morning:) Really enjoy your blog! Your men are very lucky to have you in their lives.

Mayberry said...

Too cccccccccold! It's in the mid 40s here this morning, with a stiff breeze, and I ain't even thinking about going outside. Couldn't imagine teens, or below zero! Actually I can, spent a winter in Great Lakes IL. No thanks!

Did it MY way said...

Lived there the first 41 years in the lower. Still miss hunting, and my tomatoes from my garden. But after living the last 28 years in Florida I never want to see cold and snow again.

May still visit this summer...June or July.

I certainly agree you have a very good life where you live.

God Bless.

See Ya

Sixbears said...

Throw in some decent sized mountains and it'd be just like home. Northern NH, north of the White Mountains, is much like you describe, but with mountains.

Mayberry, cold you can do something about -dress up and throw another log on the fire. The south with no AC is something I don't want to think about.