Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Wood-burning Stoves

The picture to the left of our Sears Prosperity Kitchen Range elicited a few comments and why not? It's in perfect condition and I'm determined to hook it up this year - either in a small addition to our kitchen (where the current deck sits now) or by converting our storage shed to a "summer kitchen." I'd rather have the addition to the house because the stove could be utilized year round. On the other hand, if it was in the summer kitchen I could do all my canning there. But, it wouldn't be accessible in the winter! Besides, I'd like to make the shed into a potting shed, then move it next to the garden and attach a small greenhouse to it.

Several times before we moved here and twice since, I tried to sell the stove and had no takers. That's a sign that it belongs here. Now, to get Sweetie inspired to install it someplace! When I suggested we just "hire someone" to do the work, he acted like I'd given him the kiss of death. But, as his health declines and he's able to do less, I think it's the best solution.
Llast fall I fired up the kitchen range twice while it sat on the utility trailer. Looked a little strange but what the heck? It was fun and the dinners were great!

Our primary heat is provided by a Timberlane woodstove. It's heats a bit differently than our previous stove but we've made the adjustment. Just had to learn it's more tempermental with regard to the draft. This stove was absolutely free.

The Sears Prosperity was $400 and worth every penny - even if we haven't used it much yet. Well, time for dinner. Take care, Treesong


Degringolade said...

Come on guys, do't tease us...get up some other pix of this thing...looks great.

molly said...

I so love that stove! I plan to have something similar installed within 2 years, they cook and warm the home far better than any modern stove:)

debbieo said...

I think you will enjoy your stove when you get it hooked up. One of my projects this year is to put together an outdoor kitchen. We have the patio, gas line sticking out and the water all right there. Its time to do something with it. We get free gas so I will be going with a gas stove probably.

Did it MY way said...

Perhaps barter the install?

Great idea, and one good looking stove.

See Ya

HermitJim said...

I really do like that stove! Wish I had it...!

2 Tramps said...

Yes, ditto with the others. That stove is beautiful!