Thursday, February 18, 2010

Further Musings

In no particular order, my gray matter pondered these subjects today. Maybe others but I can't remember.

My 81-year-old father's either bored or intent on slimming me down. We went for three walks today. Three! He's also requested that I keep a walking record on the calendar. My thighs are aching so something was accomplished! I told him he should sleep well tonight. He said, "If you don't, get the flashlight and go for a walk!" Sheesh!

Ever notice that Fox News anchors often refer to the President as Mr. Obama? Guess I'm old school. I thought the President - no matter what ass he is - is always referred to as President... But then, I've called him any number of names, so I guess a more relaxed or precise use of describing the President is a reflection of today's society.

The President's created the Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Commission to recommend ways to fix the national debt. Basically he wants to quiet detractors and find a scapegoat if any recommendations are enacted and don't work. It's a limp idea from a President who promised no tax increases on those earning under $250,000/year. Anyone with a pea brain realizes you can't pare down our colossal deficit/debt without real cuts in spending and increased taxes. The day the big politician in the White House listens to any humanoid with a functioning brain is the day all politicians submit to a lobotomy.

Some guy piloted a plane into an Austin, Texas office building. The news said he'd set his house on fire earlier in the day and was pissed at the IRS. Surprise, surprise. A woman professor in Alabama shot her fellow co-workers. Every week it's another violent reaction to someone who feels marginalized, ignored, pissed off, supremely religious or mentally ill. Add to this the newscasters who "analyze" and recycle soundbites until we're ready to smash the TV! We have a multitude of electronic media, "reality" TV shows and other forms of instant gratification to anesthetize us. Insanity in business, government, education, medicine and entertainment is the norm but it's labeled and packaged to appear otherwise. Shock and awe have to be constantly stretched in order to continue the status quo. How else would they make MORE money? Disagree if you like; I won't shoot you in the head for your different perspective.

I'm revising my will. Have decided if people want to treat me like shit, Fine. In their delusional state they think that no matter what my stuff is their's once I check out. I have a different idea.

I've been watching the Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan does magnificent things with dogs - and people. He says he rehabilitates dogs and retrains people. If even a small percentage of people would retrain themselves - to do for themselves, to examine and question and discover, imagine what a different world this would be. Maybe that's a pipe dream but I'm not 100% pessimistic. Really, I'm not. If enough couch potatoes watch the Dog Whisperer maybe there's hope!

Time to put the clean dishes away. At the dinner table tonight I said it was time to load my imaginary dishwasher. My Dad asked what model it was. I said, "It's a model Suzann." Neither he nor Sweetie got the hint. Maybe I'll use paper plates for a week, or better yet, give us all serving spoons and eat out of the pan(s) placed in the middle of the table. Hmmmm...


Anonymous said...

I am appreciative of you posting so often. I enjoy your musings , whatever they are about.
Glad you and your dad are doing so well.Beth

Mayberry said...

I think the "Austin Kamikaze" is the first of a great many who are about to crack. This country countinues to swirl around the Great Toilet Bowl, and as more folks reach the vortex, we'll see more desperate attempts to.... Well, whatever it is they hope to accomplish before they are swallowed up. I will soldier on, eyes to the horizon, and ear to the ground. Waiting, plotting, continuing on. Shovel in one hand, rifle in the other. Whatever will be, will be, and I'll be prepared to react either way. But I am Free, in mind, and in body as much as is possible. Soon the body will be Free as well, one way or the other. I don't care which....

HermitJim said...

Seems like Dad is enjoying the company on his walks! Nothing like a little "togetherness" to strengthen the ties, huh?

Maybe if you gave dad a back pack to carry on his walks, he would slow done a bit...or maybe he would want you to wear one as well!

Better just forget the back pack, come to think about it!

Did it MY way said...

What will be will be. I think the "Austin Kamikaze" was just a fool who could not handle his own money. To bad he just did not put a bullet in his head. Innocent people did not need to die.

Great post girl.

See Ya