Monday, February 22, 2010

Rationing Blueberries & Other Food Thoughts

Thanks all for your comments regarding my waffles. Sorry, Did It My Way, but I'm rationing blueberries. Of the 50-plus pounds I picked last summer I have under 10#'s left. Need to make them last until the new crop is ready.

We had roast beef for supper and I expected a few nibbles left over to combine with the leftover potatoes for roast beef hash. NOT! The roast was sooooo good we nibbled until our dog Lady started to whine - "where's mine!" She got a few fat scraps and some drippings. Poor dog, she's getting sick of chicken.

Tomorrow I plan to make stuffed green peppers 'cause we have three large ones getting soft in the crisper. I add rice, chopped onion and garlic clove and seasonings to the ground beef before stuffing it in the peppers. A quart jar of home canned tomatoes goes over the top, cover the pan and in the oven it goes.

Still need to make chop sidetracked by dinner at my youngest sisters and other things in the freezer. If I don't make it soon with mushrooms (which I dislike!) Sweetie and Dad will never let me forget it. Besides, the celery is getting limp.

I realize I'm talking about food when I fully intended to discuss something else. But, I have a good excuse.

We were on our way home from eating one of my sister's creations which didn't stimulate my taste buds. In such a predicament, I always crave sweets. At the store a quart of Peanut Butter Chocolate for me, a quart of Strawberry Sundae for Sweetie, and a quart of Butter Pecan for Dad cured that! Just goes to show you the importance of providing tasty, attractive meals to curb cravings and lack of will power!

At sister's what began as Tater Tot Casserole became Chili/Lasagna/Tater Tot Casserole - all because she didn't want to add hamburger to the original recipe. I can handle my Seven Day Soup but this meal was a stretch. Thank God for the salad, though she didn't have a bottle of dressing or oil in the house. Ah well, fewer calories.

In other news, Dad and I walked twice today for a total of nearly 3 miles. Not bad for an 81-year-old man with a leg brace and his overweight daughter who got a case of the stumbles half way through the walk. Ol' MS is making an appearance again.

Well, I need to rest. Doctor appointment tomorrow for the usual drill of blood work, xrays and advice to keep my life balanced and stress free. When she tries to push a few more prescriptions my way, I'll decline. I swear, I am the one in a million who never fails to get the "rare reaction." Last time I consented to a med my skin began to peel and my legs and hands started to swell.

Beginning tomorrow snow is forecast here with lower temps. Have a great evening. Treesong


2 Tramps said...

How I love your snow! I wish we had some, too. We should have it but the weather has been far too warm. The wind is whipping here and something is blowing in - maybe we will at least get a dusting! Sounds like you are really enjoying your Dad - that is so wonderful for you all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting. The dish is really good and your waffles look very good, too. I planted two bluebarry bushes last fall and am hoping they produce well. MEB

Did it MY way said...

It really tough to ration Blueberries. Note: Plant more this year. lol

See Ya