Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Menu is Sidetracked Again

No stuffed green peppers tonight. Forgot we were picking up pasties from the Hancock Eagles. My Dad buys 10-20 a month; some are used to fill orders he's taken, the rest go to family. After running other errands we got home at 3 p.m. and I read for awhile before curling up on the sofa. I am getting nearly as good at that as Sweetie is at sitting in his recliner!

As for the blueberry rationing I mentioned yesterday - they are WILD blueberries, the best kind to have, more flavor and no expense, etc. of planting them. Our acreage is covered in blueberries in sandy soil, ferns, pines and birch.

One of our local grocers had small cans of tuna for 60 cents; Walmart had them on sale too but at 70 cents. For a couple weeks now all local grocers have the same things on sale and thus far it is the local grocers who have lower prices. GOOD for them!

Not much else to say today. My mind's percolating but I have some emails to answer and an elderly friend to call. Later, Treesong

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