Friday, February 12, 2010

Other Blogs

Lately I've made a point of reading other blogs not listed in my blogroll or desktop. First, it's time consuming! One minutes it's 8:30 a.m. and the next, after a couple potty breaks and coffee refills, it's 12:14 p.m. and I haven't accomplished a thing. Except widened my horizons!

Not every blog I've read holds my attention and some bloggers have viewpoints I disagree with. But isn't that to be expected? We're not homgenized, cookie cutter creatures afterall. Along the way I always learn something and, for me, that's the main point.

I'm not so narrow minded and self-anointed of my own lofty opinions that I fear or discard other perspectives.

When I let my fingers wander through various blogs and their links, I read more than one entry. If I'm not willing to do that, I've shortchanged myself.

Blogs provide me with virtual human contact. I get to know people's dreams and aspirations; their perspectives, fears, frustrations and disappointments. I discover their talents and often try their recipes or am inspired to begin a new project.

For those of us who live in seclusion - whether by choice or circumstance - reading the blogs provides us with information, companionship, entertainment and diversion. I list diversion because sometimes peeking into another person's life refreshes me; sometimes it informs me; and sometimes it reminds me of how fortunate I am.

Blogging gives countless people an opportunity to be heard - despite our government's best efforts! People connect with others of similar lifestyles and/or perspectives. We share information, triumphs and tragedies. Blogging provides a sounding board when there's no one around or no one who cares to listen to us.

So today I applaud each and every blogger - whether I've read you or not!


Marcia Moir said...

As a new blogger I appreciate your post...and I totally agree with the time sucking issue..I can spend hours hopping from blog to blog and half the day is gone before I know it...I've contacted you before about my new blog...and if you got a chance to read it I want to thank you for your time and attention...there's so much out there now it's hard to be heard...Take care...Marcy

Did it MY way said...

I read Jim's and your blog daily. You and many others feel like friends I have yet to meet. My blog friends help me to keep my sanity in these trying times. They show me that I'm not alone in prepping. That I want nothing from Government, and just wish to be left alone to do what I wish.

You and others write much better than I ever will. Keep it up.

See Ya

SHARON said...

As I have told you before, I love your blog. Yours and Hermit's and Bridget's and, well, I now have 40 blogs that I look at daily. All of these have inspired me to start my own ramblings. It helps to clear your mind and settle things. The first time I saw (1 comment) I couldn't believe it.