Sunday, July 1, 2012

Visitor Leaving & Preps Winding Up

She arrived June 6th & has been in various states of manic/depressive ever since. Not something I'm used to.

I've known her for 14 years but spent 11 years apart. They'd come to visit when we lived in Michigan & there were signs but living 24/7 with her moods, drama, accusations, etc. has worn thin.

Sweetie and I said we'd ride this out because we had a general idea when she'd be leaving. Tuesday's the day. Until then we'll both sleep with one eye open.

We discovered she's been hoarding food in her room. Not anything that needs refrigeration but hoarding none the less. A few minutes later while burning paper garbage, we found a bag of clothing in the bottom. Long story short, she's taking food home & tossing out the clothes.

Okay. Luggage will be heavier.

On another note, we're putting the pontoon up for sale. He insisted on a large boat (it's 26') but now he's realized it's too big to really enjoy all of the river. Lesson learned. The boat is larger than our car and I'd prefer something I can handle myself, if need be. So, here's hoping his wheeling dealing self works his usual magic. When sold, we'll use about $1500 for a smaller boat and put the remainder on our mortgage. Balloon payment is due Dec. 3, 2012.

I inventoried the preps in the pantry & our bedroom and once our visitor leaves I'll inventory that room. Sweetie wondered if she'd discovered the preps but I'd already checked. They ARE NOT beneath the bed. Still have that area to fill.

Also, had a 6-7' rattler on our patio this morning. The neighbor shot one on our road a few days ago as it chased his grandchild. Now we're on rattler patrol.

I woke Sweetie up to tell him about the snake but it disappeared before he got to the porch. Darn things understand English.


Sixbears said...

Sometimes just because they are an old friend doesn't mean they are a good friend.

A smaller boat looks like just the thing for that river.

2 Tramps said...

Wow, hope the rattler issue doesn't become a regular problem - not fun at all...