Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Doctor, New Diet, New Attitude

George saw new doc yesterday who prescribed two new meds for short term use and a radical diet.

He was told to "lose the weight; stop eating junk, salt & sugar, drink water only and you'll feel like a new man."

Doc never uttered a word about not smoking.

We were on our way to grocery shop so it was a delight not to buy the usual junk he craves. For supper I fixed his flounder, salad and broccoli/cauliflour/carrots.

This morning we're off to Quest Diagnostics for lab tests.


Sixbears said...

Hope he makes some progress. Now that he's finally in FL, he should take care of himself so he can enjoy it. Plenty of good fresh food down there. That's how I lost 30 pounds.

Mike Yukon said...

George, good for you. I know it will be hard but stick with it and you'll be a new man in no time. Junk food is just that, Junk!

vlad said...
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