Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Freedom Day

July 4th marks this country's independence of foreign rule.
Today, the country is ruled by corporations, politicians, lobbyists, bankers and outside influences much more persuasive than good ol' England.

Enjoy your celebrations.

We're doing our usual low key day: coffee on the porch. Watching the birds & squirrels and talking once in awhile. A little reading and a siesta will come later followed by a drive to the Gulf to watch the sunset.

Our visitor left on a plane yesterday. Peace and harmony reigns in our home.

Three loads of laundry and vacuuming are done. Lentils are cooked. Cabbage is steaming. Huge tomato is sliced. Simple vegetarian meal today. Watermelon to follow.

A day of relaxing and reflecting is in order. The best kind of day in a while.

Doesn't the wicker sofa look welcoming with an old quilt cover and pillow shams holding the back cushions? It's my favorite place to be.

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2 Tramps said...

Your quilt and pillows look lovely - so inviting and cool.