Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Not a Memorable Day!

Woke up this morning calling for George - by my ex's name but not really uttering any sound. The second part (no sound) has happened before) the first part has not. Guess it didn't matter as he didn't hear me anyway.

Had myself all tangled up in bed and couldn't get out.

Kitty Kitty had me up twice during the night so my sleep was broken up as usual but I have this strange, heavy feeling at the back of my noggin. Nothing new. The feeling and fogginess seem somewhat related. I think. Or maybe it's my imagination.

This dementia stuff is fuzzy. Not the feel good fuzzy like a kitten or baby chick. Just fuzzy. I think I've said something when I haven't. I say things I don't realize I have said. And, mix that with George's lack of hearing and we have real interesting conversations.

Most times, I guess I'm doing pretty well, then "ZAP!" along comes that disconnect.

Frustrates the heck out of me.

Made some peanut butter toast and coffee and couldn't figure out what I did with them. George opened microwave and found plate stacked on my thermos coffee cup. Peanut butter gooed all over the place.

I'm going to rest awhile and hope this passes. Thank God for spell check cause it's been a bitch writing this too.

Let's all hope for better days. Treesong


Anonymous said...

I know to well the effects of dementia, it seems to love our family, will say prayers for you

treesong said...

Thank you. I laid down awhile & got up to make tuna salad. Guess what? It's supposed to have tuna in it, not two cans of peas! Oh well, picking peas out of it was a mindfulness exercise. Not sure it helped.

AginKajun said...

Can't imagine how terrible dementia must be, Just forgetting where I put my car keys infuriates me sometimes or I can't find something I just had in my hand and I want to scream.

Wonder what tuna salad with peas in it would taste like. You just might be on to a gorma meal

Sixbears said...

Take it one day at a time.

Tomorrow is a another day.