Friday, July 6, 2012

Porch Sitting

While porch sitting this morning I listened as our little corner of the world came awake.

Six deer emerged from the woods to graze on our overgrown lawn as birds began to be more vocal. Kitty Kitty sat at the screen door watching as I sipped coffee.

Soon neighbors began to stir, a few doors slammed and engines started. On our road we've grown to recognize the unique sound of each truck. Two trucks are white but one is driven faster and can be counted on to squeal its tires at the corner of our lot. Two more trucks belong to the same retired family and must be washed daily as even the mud flaps are clean on our dirt road after it's rained.

An elderly couple live through the woods behind us but we've never seen her. Two Blue Tick hounds emerged from their drive last week and he soon followed on his riding mower. Their toned, sleek bodies moved in unison along the roadside as cars whizzed by. He came up beside them, circled around them and they turned toward home. Never a word was said that we could tell. We hear them in their kennel twice daily as he comes out to feed them. For a couple days they were quiet and we wondered at the change in routine. A neighbor said the owner had probably taken them inside due to the heat.

Whenever the electric grid goes down here, the on-demand generator of a neighbor along the river clicks on. Fortunately for most of us, we haven't lost power in awhile now.

It will likely be another scorcher today and we'll retreat inside when the porch becomes uncomfortable. Our dehumidifier has run on a four-hour cycle the last couple days & given the AC unit some rest until late in the day when Sweetie's breathing demands some relief.

Neither of us expect to see a savings in the electric bill this month!

Well, Sweetie is awake so it's time to make a fresh pot of coffee. Enjoy your day folks.



2 Tramps said...

It seems that you have found a rhythm to your life in your new home. So glad that things are coming together for you.

Stephen said...

Ah, isn't Florida wonderful. Nice post.

Selous Scout said...

Glad the two of you are enjoying your new setting. Early mornings with a fresh cup sounds damn fine to me!