Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awaiting Cooler Weather - For a Huge Sale

It seems no matter how much we downsize, we've realized we can still do more. In our 652 square feet, plus 6x10 storage shed, I'd say half of what we own we NEVER touch let alone use.

So why have it?

Surely not for its value as most is losing value the longer it sits and is NON essential to our survival.

There are enough yard sales, thrift stores and Craigslist postings here in Florida here to prove that people need money - or other essential goods - more than knick knacks, designer jeans and shoes, golf clubs, exercise machines, George Foreman grills and kids toys.

I wear the same clothes every week and use the same items in my daily life. Drawers and shelves and a wicker chest hold the excess. Even in colder weather I doubt most of it will ever be used. Platters, cookie sheets, fabric, antique flower vases, old photo albums, a satin robe, CD's, 20 pairs of blue jeans and several other items will not keep me warm or fed.

Then we have all the doo dads the previous owner had in this place. All packed in boxes in the storage shed. Her tastes leaned to black metal, votive candles, beaded lighthouse thingys and fake sea shell "art." A couple things I've torn apart and recycled but really, why not make a few bucks and give someone else the joy of ownership?

Serious talk continues here about living aboard a houseboat. Whether or not it will happen is another matter but clearing out junk in preparation for it is a no brainer.

Like I told George, I'm to the point that a small houseboat on the Withlacoochie and a camper van parked somewhere is enough to handle. He really wants the boat; I want the camper van. Something happens to him, I'd prolly retreat to one anyway & be a free - er spirit. Something happens to me, he'd keep the van to store his "junk."

Most anyone's life can be much simpler than it is. Guess that's what we keep realizing: just how much we can keep paring down and still be happy.


SHARON said...

I agree, getting rid of 'stuff' is very cathartic. I just started back doing it again after taking about 6 months off. This crap needs to go!!!

Anonymous said...

We live in central Florida and have had the same winter clothes for a zillion years because u dont wear them that often.

2 Tramps said...

Good idea to get rid of things you don't need. I am sure it will be very freeing - we really need to do it here, too...

Living on the water and still having a camper van sounds really nice - hope you can make it happen.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Oh if I could only convince my wife that the crap still in boxes yet unopened after moving nearly two years ago is unnecessary... I could clear out the shed AND the downstairs bedroom!

Sixbears said...

I like the boat/van plan, but should not come as any surprise.

My biggest hurdle is my huge, bulky and massive book collection. However, I won't ever let things anchor me down.

AginKajun said...

I envy your husband having someone who is willing to do with less to live a life less stress filled existence. You also seem happy just to be together with him.

I grow very weary of taking care of a house and 2 acres of property 4 cars, a tractor, 3 rototillers of various sizes and about 5000 sq. ft of garden, plus working full time. At least this month I got rid of the chickens and rabbits so I'm done with livestock. My daughter is still at home so don't judge me too hard about the vehicles.

I would just like to clear out one room of our house of VCR tapes that no one will ever watch. We have an extra single bed in the room I do my photography work in as well as the computer and all my studio lights and stands various things. The bed is for her mother when she comes every Christmas to ruin my Holiday time.

I would just love to devote more time to my photography. What's sad is I could retire now while I could enjoy doing things. I'm in good health but my wife isn't willing to make some adjustments to do it. She still wants to live the "good" life. See she has been a stay at home Mom for 31 yrs.

treesong said...

AginKajun, I feel for you! I got tired just reading about all the stuff you have!

Been there, done that. What an absolute waste of time and money. Here I am,, 59 years old and not in great health and haven't done half of what I 'always wanted to do.'

I hope I keep my mobility and my mind long enough to travel some side roads and a few rivers.

It's to the point that I told George yesterday all we need is a full size mattress, a cooler, two duffle bags for clothes and a camp stove in an extended Ford Econoline van. Throw in the cat, her litter box, our collapsible chairs, lanterns/flashlights, a few tools, water jugs, porta potti and bug dope and we're good to go. I have half a mind to get a packet of those bright colored round stickers & place one on every item I use every day. Bet I wouldn't use the entire package.