Saturday, July 21, 2012

Of Houseboats and Old Friends

We took a ride to Hermando Beach yesterday to look at a few houseboats. Didn't buy any; not ready to anyway. It was worth looking to get a feel for floor plans, heights, beams, etc.

Also stopped at The Upper Deck in Weekie Watchee. The owners are old friends of George, especially dear Darlene. When he was a shrimper he mixed with Darlene's father and others at a couple local watering holes - in his drinking days.

It was great listening to them reminisce about old times and people, each forgetting names and getting events mixed up. Not often that I see my old salty man mix with people so it was a double treat. I highly recommend the place.

Here's a few pictures:


Sixbears said...

Just made a note of the place. I drive right by it. For the past two winters I've been launching out of Bayport, just down the road.

Glad you are having a good time.

Houseboats do look like a lot of fun.

treesong said...

I thought of you and your wife when we drove down Shoal Road. It's quite a few steps up to the dining/bar area but they have an elevator.

We've got the pontoon up for sale & if and when we find a suitable boat I'm all for a houseboat. We could dock at the RV campground near us & try the lifestyle awhile. Then, if all goes well, sell this place. We are not financially able to have both for long without being very broke. As always, time will tell.