Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happenings Here

We awoke at 4:30 a.m. today. Neither of us could sleep so we got up and made a fresh pot of coffee. while sitting there discussing what we planned to do today, a fire truck raced by; then three more; then an ambulance and assorted other vehicles. All fire departments within 22 miles are volunteer units so this had to be a major event. Their pumper truck made three trips to the boat landing near us and when we opened the door to let the critters out we could smell smoke. Of course, we're wondering how close the fire was. Couldn't see any flashing lights or flames so we stayed inside and waited. After an hour, a few trucks went north and another hour later it seemed that everyone had cleared out. So we ventured down the road...A two car garage and a separate sauna building were burned to the ground. the home's siding had melted on the fire side and a truck had two burnt tires. Fortunately it didn't explode!

This afternoon a neighbor stopped by and said the fire started from an over heated sauna stove. Luckily, one of the home owner's guests had got up to use the bathroom and saw the flames!!!

The sun finally found its way through the clouds today and we didn't have any rain so we went outside intent on doing two projects - organize the small shed and start the framing for the garage door. I did get the shed organized but Sweetie decided to mow the "lawn" and then used his back blade to contour the back "yard." Next he used the tractor bucket to haul all the stones from a huge fire pit in the front yard to the backyard where I arranged them around the garden fencing. They're flat stones and I think eventually - after gathering more from throughout the property - they'll wind up making a dry stacked stone fence.

The previous owner needed fill for the pole barn so the dim wit just dug a hole in the front yard. Now we're going to haul fill from our property across the road to fill this in - once we dump the contents of the aforementioned fire pit into it.

Reading a few financial blogs has got me scheming again about how to stock up even more and what money to set aside for taxes. This led to us deciding not to do certain indoor remodeling jobs in order to have money for two more year's of taxes (at their current rate).

While the neighbor was here his two year old grandson toddled off and discovered our food storage area in the shed/entry. When his mama went to fetch him she stopped cold and asked what "all this food is for." Her father-in-law said we were preppers, "something I'm going to have to think about" and told her we seldom have to go grocery shopping. Imagine my delight when she sat at the kitchen table and asked me to explain WHY we were preppers and what PREPPERS means! For once, her father-in-law, who's wound pretty tight, sat and listened. He's collecting disability SS now so his income is about a third of what he did get and she's just had her hours reduced. But, as is typical, they both thought it couldn't be done unless one had a good job and/or lots of money. I bluntly told them "you have to decide what's more important, eating or four-wheeling."

Nearly all our neighbors have ATV's, boats, motorcycles, two vehicles, riding mowers and a big beer budget. Home repairs, lawns, a well stocked pantry and firewood take a back seat. Come October, most, according to one neighbor, will be hustling to get in their winter wood. In October!!!!

I also spent about an hour tonight re-arranging the guest bedroom so I can use some of the space for more food storage. When inflation kicks in I cannot imagine that Social Security cost of living raises will keep pace. In fact, I cannot imagine that Social Security will continue, so it's tangibles, tangibles, tangibles!

Well, take some time this week to reflect on what's important; what you need to do to prepare for lean times ahead; and how fortunate you are now - no matter what your circumstances. Trust me, it could be worse. Treesong


SciFiChick said...

I don't know what it is but I seem to be drawn to your lifestory. You have been an inspiration to me and one of the first blogs I started following. Just wanted to say Thanks for sharing!
It sounds like you might have opened up another family's eyes on self-reliance. That always makes a warm fuzzy spot deep down in your heart doesn't it? It has only happened to me twice but what a great feeling to actually be able to help someone by your actions and your words.
Unfortunately on the future of SSI I'm thinking that it cant hold out forever and being as prepared as you can possibly can be is the ONLY way to assure your well-being in the coming days.
Keep it up girl! You Rock!

Rhino said...

loose lips sink ships, I hpoe she can be trusted to keep this discovery to themselves or you will have a problem when TSHTF . Good Luck

HermitJim said...

Treesong...I too hope that secrets can be kept...and I know that when SSI falls (as I am sure it must) then some of us had better be in good shape, or we will be in trouble for sure!

Hope I can get there before the stuff happens!

Mayberry said...

As long as we can still prep, I suppose things are "good"... There's gonna be a prepper's convention amongst my little clan tomorrow! Happy 4th...