Saturday, June 27, 2009

Doing Battle

Here's a picture of our 20x30 foot garden with he eight foot high fence. We cut the pine poles from our land, had the steel posts (not all are in yet), and bought the 4' high chicken wire that runs around the top. We haven't completed the gate yet so it's makeshift and tied to the poles. Until it comes time to weed, I don't need a gate anyway. I sit the hose on a sprinkler and place it on top of a pole and it waters the entire garden. Deer were investigating last night. There's a trail of tracks around the garden but thus far they haven't broken through.

A neighbor has lots of stories of trying to keep deer out of his garden and away from his dwarf fruit trees so we're heeding some of his advice. We don't have a back door light or yard light but I'm thinking of stringing Xmas lights around the fencing and placing it on a timer. The deer spook at lighting of any kind, according to the neighbor. Just a thought.

Twice this morning someone was parked across the road just inside the treeline so that the SUV was exposed only to the front window. I finally got the binoculars out and took a peak. Someone was looking back through binoculars at us. Sweetie was standing near the pole barn so I told him about it. He started walking across the front yard (it's about 300' to the road) and they took off. I couldn't make out the license plate due to the road dust and angle of the SUV. Jack asses want to know something they can come and knock on the door. Or maybe I need to do some target practice.

You know, with private property and road easement laws you can't LEGALLY tell someone to get the hell out of Dodge when they're parked on the road. We're certainly not used to this kind of thing. Out former home was the same distance off the road but our drive turned a few times and except for a small yard, the land was tree covered. Even in the winter, not all of the home was visible because we had a lot of pines. You can bet we're planting and transplanting pines to the front yard. At one time trees obscured the home but the former owner had most of them cut down. GRrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Well, time to run the weed whacker. It ought to be comical as I'm once again walking like a drunken sailor.

Keep aware and keep prepping people, Treesong


Anonymous said...

Just some thoughts:
1) I have been told that if you get some old used shavings from the big cats cage at the zoo and scatter it around the garden, deer will avoid the area. Don't know this for a fact as I don't have any problems with deer here.
2) Next time people start hanging around, start taking photos of them. That usually ends the problem.

Mayberry said...

That really pisses me off, when people stop on the road by my house... Being the jaded person I am, I always assume they're up to no good. If they were watching y'all through binoculars, I can virtually guarantee they were up to no good.....

Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

We get people stopping by all the time to peep. I actually overheard one couple telling each other "how quaint" it was that we had our own chickens and garden and that people do that "out here".

Marty and I giggled for an hour at that one.

Bustednuckles said...

Heh, I have found that sitting on the front porch cleaning my shotgun tends to keep all but the most polite folks from stopping by.