Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Cannot Believe Our Good Fortune!

I think my family members and I need to communicate better. Here we are scouring Craigslist, the bulletin boards and newspapers and stopping at various "boat for sale" signs - and what do we discover last night? My youngest son has a 1976 22-foot Carver with cuddy cab, frig, sink, motor, tandem axle trailer, etc. sitting in a field at my sister's!!!!

We spotted the ad in the newspaper and I told Sweetie, "Gosh, that phone number sounds familiar." Well no wonder! It was youngest son's cell phone.

Because I'm his mamma, we got it all for $700.

So tomorrow we haul the boat home. It's been unprotected from the elements and will need some wood refinished. The motor ran the last time it was in the water. It's has a 165hp, straight six cylinder Mercruiser. The canvas is missing but the man my son bought it from does boat canvas work.

So here's hoping we can get it in the water after an engine and electrical check and enjoy it a few times yet this year. Then Sweetie will restore it this winter in the pole barn. I have no doubt he's up to the task as he's owned a 42 foot shrimp boat and a 45 foot Pembrook Sports Fisherman with a flying bridge, full galley, bathroom, and room for 6-8 people.

I'll post pictures tomorrow or the next day. Have a great day. We're going down to the lake to dream of our boat sitting there. And, we have to figure out where on our shared beach we're going to dock it. Later, Treesong


Anonymous said...

Well good for you!! Yep, gotta improve communications all right.
That's a good deal.

SciFiChick said...

Sweet! What more can I say? I grew up on the gulf coast and truly miss boating. Especially the fishing part!
Funny how things just kind of "work" out, don't ya think?

Did it MY way said...

In to each man's life alittle luck must fall.

Good find, and good fishing in the future.