Thursday, July 16, 2009

Death Is Inevitable

No one leaves this earth alive - except maybe astronaunts. And so, yesterday we drove 120 miles to Marquette, the Upper Peninsula's largest city, to see Sweetie's brother. We already expected that he wasn't long for this world based on his brief talks with him on the phone. Then, as usual, the Bitch had to get involved, and helped arrange for anyone inquiring about dear brother to have a pin number. When Sweetie called her to ask for it she refused to give it to him.

I wasn't a news reporter for nothing and soon got the information for Sweetie.

It's always difficult to see for yourself the demise of a loved one. He was happy to see us and a few moments later was delusional and didn't know who we were. After being there about 45 minutes, we went to lunch with my granddaughter and her mother who live in Marquette. Then we made the obilatory trip to Menards for some supplies and returned to the hospital. About four hours had elapsed since our first visit and already we knew it wouldn't be long.

So today we're remembering him and missing his calls and our visits. He was aour "lunch stop" whenever we travelled to the UP from downstate and back home again. The two brothers had become closer in the last three years, often calling one another twice a day. Thank God for free long distance.

Sweetie is the youngest of four children and his brother was the oldest. By the time he was in grade school his brother had already left home. Their father deserted the family when Sweetie was still an infant so he had no father figure in his life until his mother remarried when Sweetie after left home.

Today, we're so gratefull that we made the trip to see him; ignoring his sister's wrangling and controlling behavior as usual. We were closer distance wise than his brother's daughter so wouldn't it seem sensible that we'd be the ones to visit him? The woman never will change - until the day she meets her maker and has to explain her behavior.

Well, we have dial up internet so I'm gonna clear the line now and await further developments. Have a great day everyone, Treesong


Bustednuckles said...

My sincere condolences.


HermitJim said...

The loss of a family member is never easy, and my heart goes out to you and DH...

Sending good thought to you and your family!

shiloh1862 said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to y'all.



Stephanie in AR said...

I am so sorry. Glad you & Sweetie had a final goodbye.

vlad said...

Hail and farewell, brother.
You should shun The Bitch -- do not speak to her or answer her. Talk around her as if she is not there.
Maybe the family has had enough of her crap and will also shun her.

2 Tramps said...

We are very sorry for your loss but also grateful that you had some last moments together.

Grieving any kind of loss is an intensely personal issue. When I lost my dear father I learned it had to be done in my own way, in my own time.

Hopefully it won't be long until you have only pleasant memories of your loved one.

Tramp #2