Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're Fortunate and Belt Tightening More

In a comment to my previous post, Vlad asked if Sweetie knows how lucky he is to have me. FYI: Sweetie says, "You tell your reader that you're lucky I accepted."

Huh, accepted what? Me? I reminded him that we've accepted one another. I know I'm lucky. Life with him - grunts and groans and stubbornness and a few other quirks are easy to live with - comparatively speaking. And I have plenty of history to compare him too!!!

We haven't got a lot of money, or a new car, or great health, or lots of friends, or the other stuff people consider necessary to "happiness." But, we've got one another - just as we are, with all the age spots and warts; the few extra pounds; graying hairs and receding hairline; and the forgetfulness - and it's good enough.

Maybe that's part of the secret to our happiness: life is good enough.

On a related note, like Michael Boone at Staying Alive, we too will have to live on less social security because Sweetie's Medicare premium AND his prescription drug plan will now be deducted from his SS check. Selling his home downstate on a land contract disqualifies him for Medicaid and Medicaid has been paying his Medicare premium.

So more belt tightening begins now. If we have to sit here in the dark once the sun sets and wash clothes by hand in cold water, we will. Already we don't have TV; have dial up Internet; have minimum coverage on the '97, 240,000 mile truck; and don't eat out or partake of any other paid entertainment. Tuesday, while in town for most of the day, we packed a lunch and ate at the waterfront park. Soon most of the little chores and various appointments will be completed so we'll go to town ONCE A MONTH. If these actions aren't cutting back, I don't know what is.

Well, it's time to commune with Mita the Miracle Cat. Night, night all, Treesong

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Kymber said...

on behalf of all of the others who feel the way that i feel...

Thanks for being such inspirational leaders for us all to follow!

YOU can do this...and when you do... you teach us all that it can be done!

Thank You Treesong!