Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Suzy-Q

Here's some pictures of our "new" boat - the Suzy-Q. Hauling it home, we had a flat tire after about six miles - in front of a boat/marina place. Stopped there to inquire about another prop as this one's a little bent. Got it for $50. Sweetie decided to drive real slow and try to make it the rest of the way home as we had no spare. Ever the determined stubborn ol' seafarer. We stopped three times to check the tire temps and made it home in an hour - 30 miles all together.

A couple neighbors stopped by to see the boat and I mentioned that the title - which my son had not bothered to change - listed an address on the other side of the lake. So the boat has come home so grace these waters once again.

All the wood trim pieces are accounted for. In fact, only two have come loose, so after a good sanding and varnish she'll be good as new. We've located someone to make the canvas top and recover the cuddy cushions. Sweetie just came in and said the bilge pump works, so that's progress.

He was up early this morning and had the truck loaded with everything he'd need for picking up the boat. I've never seen the man around a boat of his own. He's smiling more than when he's found another tractor, backhoe or dump truck!

So onward we go. Tomorrow I'll have a few things to say about our little community. We surely have been placed exactly where we should be. Have a great day and keep prepping. Treesong


Mayberry said...

Sweet! That is exactly what I'd like to have for fishin' the Gulf. I reckon that's got the old Mercruiser Alpha drive. Check the gimbal bearings for slop! That Chevy six banger is a bulletproof old dog. Sigh..... Jealousy.... ; )

Selous Scout said...

I have been wanting one for years...
I keep checking craigslist for boats under $2K but they all seem to need to be completely rebuilt.

Enjoy! Iknow I will someday.

An Unsheltered Life said...

Very cool. I hope that both of you get lots of time on the water in your new boat!

Did it MY way said...

Every man should own a boat.

The trips off shore in the Gulf will always be remembered. And of course some nice fresh water walleye's and a platter of blu gills bring back pleasent memories.


HermitJim said...

Very, very nice! Good score for ya...!