Monday, July 13, 2009

Scored Again

We've had our eyes on this rea-mounted snowblower since before we bought this place and yesterday it was finally ours - for $200. It has a three point hitch and PTO and is a bit narrow for our tractor but Sweetie will remedy that with a couple pieces of metal welded to each side at an angle to direct the snow into the augers.

It was less than three miles from us but the owner was seldom there so we began going for a ride night after night in hopes of finding him at home. On this same trip we revisited the dumpster in town at the garage door place. Some smart, thrifty soul had taken the remaining garage panels that we couldn't haul but we came home with longer coils which will be better for our extention to the garage door.

A neighbor stopped buy with news of our little community's efforts to get some cloride on the road to cut down on the dust - which also helps keep the road from becoming a washboard. Interestingly, the largest land owner around here, who is developing lake and non-lake lots, will NOT contribute to the cause. Thus, a few people will discourage any potential buyers from paying exorbitant prices for their property.

Otherwise, it's been rather quiet here for a few day. Guess that's been appropriate because we've had three calls about family members who are ill: Sweetie's brother who broke his hip and will now be in a nursing home; his oldest sister's daughter-in-law who had a benign tumor removed but wound up with a blood clot in her leg that's causing other problems; and a brother-in-law who had a stroke. Good health is the best thing one can possess in this world, aside from true love.

When we approach life's end, love is all that's left for most of us, if we've been especially fortunate. Today, I wish all of you good health and true love. Treesong


HermitJim said...

Good news on the score! Sorry to hear about the illnesses in your family...and I appreciate the good wishes from you today.

Good thoughts and peace to you and your family!

Mayberry said...

Y'all are sittin' in high cotton! Glad y'all made out. And glad I've no use for a snow blower! Ha ha! Best wishes to your family members who've fallen ill, and thanks for your good thoughts.

Kymber said...

sorry to hear about the illnesses in your family...but in keeping with the subject of your post...

i wish you a life of true love also Treesong...and thank you!