Thursday, July 9, 2009

Any Followers?

I'd really like a better idea of who's reading my blog. If you're a regular reader, I'd appreciate it if you'd become a follower. Now that things are settling down a bit on the homefront, I'd like to read more blogs, especially those of people who read my blog.

And thanks Debbio for the tip about the pictures. I've always meant to correct that problem and your comment reminded me to stop being so lazy!!!



Selous Scout said...

Now Following.

I read your blog everyday that you post, as I really love to see how the little people like me are faring in this national collapse.

Did it MY way said...


Lived my first 41 years in Michigan then moved to florida.

Still miss my Michigan tomatoes. Good luck in God's country.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I read your blog a lot too, and thought I was following it already. My bad. Am noe for sure.

SciFiChick said...

I'm a faithful follower! But then you know that!!! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a blogger, but check in regularly to keep up with progress. Not sure if that qualifies me as a follower or not.

In case you are interested, what hooked me in 1st place was your account of having to live in a very simple backwoods cabin / shack, and your experiences there. Sounded like an experience everyone should have in their live, just to prove to themselves how little you REALLY need to live a quality life.

An Unsheltered Life said...

Another new follower. Have been keeping up with your blog through the link on my blogroll, but the "follower" function is cool too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I enjoy your blog a lot. I prep, garden, live frugal and I am also on a limited retirement budget. Please keep up the good work. Tell husband (sweetie) hi for me. Have a Great Day, Ed in Central Texas

Anonymous said...

Yup, me too a follower. i feel deprived when yo miss a day of posting. I can't get my sister to be a follower on my site! agghh!

Stephanie in AR said...

Check in nearly everyday - except for the family trip this month. I love to hear how you just get the job done because it has to be done.

Kymber said...

i found you through SciFiChick...and my motto is - anyone that SciFiChick follows is someone that i should follow! i hold SciFiChick in very high regard!!!

i thought that i had been following you - turns out i wasn' good timing on your post!

for anyone who follows your blog...check out SciFiChick...she is a hand-full in her own right!


Podunk Paul said...

I appreciate the way you folks manage with very little income. It reminds me of the way my grandparents lived.