Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We've Discovered...

First, we've discovered that part of our driveway is not on our land. The good news is, the landowner has given us a recorded easement. The bad news is, the title insurance company MISSED this. So we'll be talking to them shortly.

Second, we've discovered that the land to our north (which part of our drive crosses) is a 10 acre parcel that is for sale. Of course we'd like to have it but, being poor people, it will take a miracle.

Third, we've discovered the easement was recorded FOUR years ago. I read through the Title company paperwork today, just to check on "exclusions" and be prepared for a trip to the county courthouse. We'll research things further before visiting the title company - which charged us $733 for inaccurate information.

Did you know that, at least in this state, most title insurance companies only "research a deed" back 30 years. If you want if further back than that you really get reamed as far as charges. How this company missed a four-year-old easement is beyond us but we're both just in the right mood to ask!

Fourth, we've discovered we're about the poorest people in the neighborhood. Whenever anyone mentions a boat, four-wheeler, extra vehicle, groceries, firewood, etc. they assume we're just like them and can spend the money with no thought. From what we gather, most of them would get a loan to finance the vehicle, four wheeler or boat. We'd be saving and selling whatever we could to do the same thing.

No wonder that two places in our neighborhood were sold at a tax sale in the past couple years - each for about $800. Gee, I'd like a deal like that this year! In fact, we have our eye on two lots that adjoin our acreage. The place is a dump and rotting lumber, firewood and cement blocks litter the land. I'd wait until we had six feet of snow on the ground and light a match...

Fifth, we've discovered if you're not a drinker you'll seldom be invited to any neighborhood function. Makes them feel uneasy, I guess.

Sixth, we've discovered the guy we bought from "cleaned up" the junk pile we mentioned in our purchase agreement by delivering the tires and car seats to our land ACROSS the road. Jackass. Someone got on him about this (not us) and he removed the tires but the seats remain. Perhaps someday they'll appear in his front yard...

Seventh, we've discovered that, as the new folks in the area, we're watched, analyzed, critiqued, and waved at. But hardly a soul stops by. It may have something to do with geography. Our land is acreage compared to their lots and our home sits on the northern most edge of our parcel, i.e. away from and behind all the other homes. Our drive is off the county road while theirs are off private side roads. But then, it's new to us to have neighbors. The three homes we could barely see from our old place were seasonal, at best and set on a minimum of 15 acres.

Oh well, time will tell.

Well, I brought in the dry laundry and now it's time to sit and commune with my cat.


Anonymous said...

Miracles do happen.

Mayberry said...

Wretha needs our help!!!! The fedgov is tryin' to take her down!!!!

Stephanie in AR said...

We've had similiar fun. Asked about surveyor's stakes in the pasture (2) and were told they had been there forever & owner did not know why. One on the other side of the fence in the neighbor's yard so didn't look harder. Silly us - it's an easement to get to the pasture that owner sold off years ago. Doesn't need the access but reminds us often its there. Wonder if he will take down the fence that would be in the middle of the drive. And it never showed up in our paperwork either.