Friday, June 12, 2009

Food Storage - It's Insurance

I have spent most of the day unpacking our food storage and organizing it on shelves. Not anywhere near done yet but it sure gives me a warm, secure feeling. We have much more room here for our preps and eventually we'll take full advantage of it. I think I'll go to bed tonight dreaming of more shelving and a rolling ladder to access the high spots!

My oldest son stopped by while I was organizing the food and he could not believe it. When he made his usual snide remarks about my "obsession" I told him it's insurance against inflation, snowstorms, vehicles not running, illness, bank failures, and plain lack of motivation to go anywhere - especially as The Greater Depression deepens.

Somewhere along the line, something I said must have struck a chord because he seemed to think I was no longer obsessed but, "maybe wiser than other people." I'll agree!

Sunday is the annual fishing derby at the lake and we've been warned that cars will line the main road and any other bare spot they can from sun up 'til well past sundown. Sweetie does not approve of people turning our front yard and driveway into their person space so he used the tractor to drag huge logs across the front. Tomorrow night he'll park the tractor at the end of the drive.

I was going to plant today but decided to put it off. The nights are still cold and we've had heavy fog for the last four nights.

Well, I'm bushed and supper is calling. Take care


SciFiChick said...

Hey the good thing about all this is that he may have had an "ah ha" moment! We can hope right? LOL

It sounds like you are getting settled in which has to ease your stress level. It makes me happy just to watch you guys progress! Keep On Preppin!

HermitJim said...

Could it be that he is beginning to see the light...maybe just a bit?

That would be great!

Did it MY way said...

seems like you have all your ducks in a row. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

More posts please. Pretty please. Am totally interested in all you are doing.