Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beware of People Who Ask For a Fee!

If the bank had not required it for our mortgage, I never, ever, ever would have bought title insurance. Instead, I would have spent however long it took doing my own research.

Every time a piece of land sells - whether it's transferring said parcel from one seller to a buyer, to splitting it up, to ADDING to the existing parcel, the deed and property description change. It took us all of one and a half hours to review the various deeds (thus the history) of our land to discover some errors. We're convinced the title company employee simply copied the previous deed and that was that. So now we'll talk to our banker and a few other people. Tried to today after being at the courthouse but no one was in!!!!

One very helpful person at the courthouse provided us with a copy of a map of this entire section. It indicates EACH lot size- and they are NOT all 100x100 feet. There is additional information contained on the map which we'll talk to an attorney about. Were it not for a long time court employee who recalled seeing this map in the Equalization office, we wouldn't have it now.

On another matter. It seems Wretha has received a threatening letter from a government agency regarding her blog, I believe. Big Brother in action once again. If you still have your head stuck in the sand and believe that the Fed Gov doesn't monitor what we say, how we spend our money, and a zillion other activities, think again.

Then there's the matter of trolls visiting blogs. Guess they have nothing better to do with the time God gave each of us. Of course, some of them are likely Fed Gov operatives. Until now, I've always posted all my comments. Not anymore. I know it's easy to sign up online as anyone. Hell, I could be a troll myself, writing this blog from Cancun or the Alps instead of Michigan's Upper Peninsula!!!! If you're a real techie savvy person and have my email you can trace it back to my ISP. That much I do know, though I don't claim to be computer literate! Some of my blog commentators have been around awhile and I feel I know them personally. Others, well, maybe they live where they claim they do and do what they claim they do. But I have strong suspicion that an "Anonymous" commentor is a troll. So I'll no longer post Anonymous commments. Give yourself a name and come out from behind the curtain. ONE of your comments gave away a bit too much so I know you're close by. Have the nerve to come and introduce yourself. If you know the Upper Peninsula it's not hard to figure out where I am.

To the rest of you, if I sound paranoid or pissed, well, I am - pissed. I hate sneaks. I hate people who gossip while forgetting all their own history. I hate people who play games and pretend to be a "friend" while gathering information to twist and dispurse to other sickos. Your lives must be terribly boring and unfullfilling to have to mess with others' lives. Your very breath is wasted and someday you will have to give an accounting of it.

Enough said. I'm going outside to work in the yard. Stay current of what's going on with Wretha because it will likely be a lesson from the Fed Gov for the rest of us. 1984 has been here a long, long while...


Mayberry said...

Thanks for helping spread the word about Wretha.... As far as trolls go, boy do I get my share of 'em! It's 10% who spoil the "anonymous" barrel. I can understand not going through the hassle of signing up just to post comments, but those 10% are just so hateful... As far as being "gub'mint operatives", if that's what our tax dollars are paying for, someone should hang.... "They" also should know that no idiotic comments are gonna slow us down any..... They might discourage weak sheeple, but not us!

Stephanie in AR said...

Sorry about the trolls. For the life of me I cannot see why someone would spend their time bad-talking someone's site, don't like it then leave & don't come back. Simple.

Wretha said...

Thanks for writing about my plight, it's funny that I was feeling so alone and vulnerable at the beginning of this, I am amazed and heartened at the outpouring of support I have received in all of this.