Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And We Are STILL Here

We arrived back in Lower Michigan last Friday, as I said we were scheduled to. Every since, it's been one step forward, three steps backward, and sit and wait - on Sweetie. Though, to be honest, I have a few other descriptions of him on the tip of my tongue and none have the word "Sweetie" in them.

We are a classic match. I'm the "get 'er done" gal and he's the "now wait a minute..let's think about it" guy who procrastinates over everything but his cigarettes and candy bars. No wonder his STUFF is NOT out of his late mother's pole barn - after being asked to do so nine years ago!!!

So, since Friday, reserving the 26' U-Haul has been changed/delayed three times! Today he finally started loading his flatbed trailer - with my help as he changes his mind about what goes on it and I load and unload the stuff.

Closing on this place is THURSDAY with possession on the following WEDNESDAY and he's about to change that too because he thinks he may not get it all loaded by next week.

I tell you, if I outlive him, there will be one hell of a load of junk going to the local landfill.

And yes, I'm ranting. Better than taking a swing at him with the rotting 2x4 that he wants to take with us!!!! God help me, I love him dearly, but in all my moves I've never dealt with someone who can't make up his mind, procrastinates over every detail and then gets discouraged and sits down to smoke yet another cigarette and eat another Snickers bar. No wonder he has no energy - emphysema aside.

So the barbecue planned for our new place this coming weekend is cancelled and I'm the one who's had to contact everyone.

I suggested this morning that I pack the remaining boxes and two dressers and my wing chair and ottoman in the back of the truck and run them up north. Basically, that would be doing what we did last week. But he said, "What would we do a crazy thing like that for? What a waste of time!"

Last week, when it was his idea, it was a "go." This week, when it's my idea, it's a "no." Go figure.

So I open up my Facebook account and a friend sent me some silly "drinking request." I click on it and discover I've received 15 requests and could click on each drink to "consume" them. Fifteen virtual drinks later and I don't feel any different.

In other news: did you know that the "First time home buyer" program currently making the rounds is available for people buying on a land contract? Yep. So our buyers are applying for it and they will be sending it on to us to get their place paid down quicker. Guess if Obammy's gonna stick us with more taxpayer funded crap, I may as well get some of it back. Then we realized we qualified for it on our new place because none of us has bought a home in the past 36 months. So there's another check on it's way which will pay down this place sooner. The program ends in November for those who may be interested.

Well, he's gone outside and started up the tractor so I best get out there and see what miracle is happening. Love you all for putting up with me, Treesong


Anonymous said...

LOL, had to read twice TS, thought you were describing us!! If my hubby ever makes a decision in less than a week I drop dead LMAO!

Mayberry said...

It's the opposite in my house! I'm the mover and shaker, my wife is the procrastinator. And boy is she good at it......

Anonymous said...

Haha and LOL...
How much longer before Sweetie becomes Hey You?
Enjoying your descriptions and long-suffering patience..much more than I would EVER have..you are shouldering a lot.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

For those with procrastinator spouses....go do what you want and THEN they will make up their minds to do something. Works here every time. Don't wait on them to make up their minds, it won't happen. Just load the dang trailer and go....if you are taking it ALL. Then it has to get up there sometime...so just do it. hee hee. Load it while he is sleeping and he can drive while you sleep on the way UP.