Friday, June 26, 2009

Now Would Be a Good Time...

It's Friday so I wonder what banks will be closed today. With the news of Micheal Jackson's death swamping the headlines and the masses ga-gaing over his demise for weeks to come, it would be a good time for the Fed Gov or other assorted well-connected crooks to make a few more bold moves. you know they'll offer lame excuses later, as usual.

Now would also be a good time to hawk any Micheal Jackson crap you have - especially if you need a few bucks. May as well profit from the insanity and increase your preps or pay down your debt. Myself, I never fell into the whirlwind around him, so I'm as broke today as I've been in awhile and I'll be as broke tomorrow.

Now would be a good time to invent a new mosquito/deer fly killer as we can attest to. We've tried hot sauce, bleach, listerine, lemon juice, Dawn Dish soap, Cutter, Raid and a few combinations of some of the aforementioned. All to no avail. I have not been so scared since I fell off a porch roof into a thorny ornamental bush as a 14 year old adventurer. In fact, I think poison ivy would be preferrable. Maybe.

Now would be a good time to get yourself a blood pressure machine that runs on batteries or plugs in. Sweetie got a little wake up call after taking his blood pressure yesterday.

Now would be a good time to put in more firewood if you live in any climate that gets snow. I just suspect we're in for a long, cold, snowy winter. And here I am complaining about the humidity and bugs and it's not even the Fourth of July yet. Crazy maybe. But being prepared trumps any other plan, believe me.

Now would be a good time to stock up MORE than you ever have before before prices increase or shortages occur. So what if the stores seem full now? So what if you think you have enough. What about all those infrequently used items that you've neglected to stock or tell yourself you'll get to later.

Now would be a good time to shut off the power, which in some cases shuts off the water, and live that we for awhile. You'll get a real education on how ill prepared you are for a vast array of situations and everyday routines will take on a whole new meaning. And hopefully you'll appreciate what you have and conserve more, not less.

Well, enough preaching. I'm going to enjoy my dinner and water our garden. Treesong


SciFiChick said...

Tree I have been getting the same vibes. I'm thinking we only have a few months left for stocking up...lets pray we are both wrong.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think we may have a short, hot summer and a long cold winter. Either way, the utilitie companies will clean you out. We had lots of rain during May and part of June; now it is very hot and humid in the Ohio Valley and hotter in other parts of the country. Food production is way down across the country and even worse in EU. and stock up NOW. LivingLesson-meb