Monday, May 25, 2009

The Next Month

Thinking about all we have yet to do before our final trip out of here, I'm reflecting on what it's taken to get here. A lot of determination, persistently working our plan and God's grace. We are so thankful, especially given that we're getting older, facing health issues and have so little money. But, you know what? None of that matters to God or whatever Higher Power/Synchronicity/Flow you ascribe to!!!

We leave Wednesday with yet another load and will return here Friday. Sweetie's son has agreed to "tough it out" here in the countryside, keeping watch on the place and taking care of Lady, Mita and Kitty Kitty. That leaves more room for STUFF!

Once we're finally settled we'll no longer have high speed Internet as it's not available. Fine with me as we want to further cut our expenses.

Settling into the new place we'll spend our funds on installing the 18'x9' pole barn door (bought on Craigslist for $150); putting an insulated steel stovepipe through the metal roof for our wood stove; fencing a garden area & hauling in topsoil; repairing some deck railing and a few other small items.

So I'll post but not as frequently. Probably more pictures than anything as that's quick and I don't have to think much! LOL.

But no matter what, we'll continue to stockpile supplies. Through this whole process we've met a lot of people who are either losing their homes, jobs or some other calamity has befallen them and ONLY one thought to cut back and stock for future use. That ONE person just happens to be the person who's buying our home!!!

I had to go into town yesterday and the roads were full of yard sale signs and high school graduations. Where ever I went I heard about the lack of business at the yard sales and the low turn out at the graduations because people just don't have money.

Even our buyer was smart enough to realize that if he cut his housing expenses nearly in half he'd be in better shape. Like he said, "Who knows, the wife could get laid off or her hours cut back and then we'd be in the same shape as these other people."

Life is not static. It is ALWAYS changing and the old notion of "growth" is a fantasy. A population that continues to increase while resources deplete and the economy contracts is NOT a recipe for "growth." It is, however, a recipe for "change" though not the kind our President talked so eloquently about!


Mayberry said...

I'm so glad everything's working out for y'all. But I hate to break it too ya, pictures take forever and a day to upload on dialup.....

treesong said...

Yes, they do but I make use of that time doing something else. Gotta live with what we have so I try not to let it frustrate me. Hope you have a good summer, Mayberry. Treesong

HermitJim said...

I wish you continued good luck on your adventure...and will continue to check for any and all updates! Gonna miss ya, but you gotta do what ever is necessary to get settled in.

Have a safe journey!

Anonymous said...

You only think pictures are fast. If you are using dial up , nope. It isn't gotta upload those babies and if it takes as long to upload as download takes forever. Sorry to all you who use lots of pics , but us dial up users dont' much care for all of them.