Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Exhausted But It's Worth It!

I simply cannot pack another box until the day we leave here for good. The living room looks like we're either moving in or moving out. The closets are bare, the linen closet has three towels, three wash clothes, three bath towels and two packages of toilet tissue. I've set aside four place settings, four glasses, four sets of silverware, two fry pans, and a one and two quart pot. There are four dish towels and two dish clothes in a drawer and a few utensils like the can opener, whisk, spatula and spoons. I can't bake a cake (nor do our waistlines need one) or make bread as all the ingredients and the appropriate pans are packed.

The neighbor is loaning us an enclosed trailer to haul part of the furniture in. The truck will be packed with boxes and the cat carriers and their food and litter. Lady sits in the front seat with us.

Our realtor has quit the business and is releasing us from the listing contract. We've re-advertised on Craigslist and had a few inquiries. One couple was supposed to look at our place last night until she got called into work.

Closing is tentatively scheduled for May 15th but now a neighbor disagrees with where the lot line is. Truth be told, the other neighbors say he's "used about 25 feet" of our (soon to be) land for 5 years. So, we'll see what develops.

My asshole brother is divorcing his wife and my father is sick about it so we're providing Dad a much needed distraction. He was at my oldest son's yesterday and today to "supervise" staining of his new kitchen cabinets. He and my son called to wish me happy birthday and Dad said he "can't wait" to have us move up there. Sure feels good to know people are looking forward to seeing us!

Believe it or not about 150 miles southwest of where we'll be living, snow and rain mix is forecast for tomorrow. Ahh... life in the north woods.

The first order of business will be unpacking enough to make a meal, sit awhile and then collapse on our bed. The next morning the first task will be fencing in a little area off the back deck for the cats. We don't want them wandering too far until we've had time to settle in. They go outside a couple times a day now and it's never been a problem but, I don't trust turning them loose in a new area. And, going in and out carrying furniture and boxes with cats wandering around is an invitation to tripping!

And thank God I'm a prepper. Went to town Monday to grocery shop one last time - at much cheaper prices than up north. On the way home, with the back of the truck nearly full of cases of food, there was an accident. No way to back track or take a detour so we sat for 45 minutes once and 15 minutes a second time. I'm diabetic and had to dig in my Bug Out Bag for a meal. Peanut butter and crackers, a can of green beans and a bottle of water never tasted so good. At my second stop I had trail mix and a banana from the sack I'd just bought.

Well, we have another call about this place so I'll sign off. Take care all, Treesong

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molly said...

awww TS, having just moved I know exactly how you feel, I hope its all done and dusted soon for you both!