Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're BACK!

From left to right: the Lake about 60 feet from our land; the house and pole barn as viewed from the road; and the living room with a couple pieces of furniture - especially Lady's chair (right side of room) covered in towels and across from Sweetie's recliner so she can keep an eye on her master.

We got back here about 5:30 p.m. from a glorious week up north. It was hard to leave but, the sooner we finish up things here the sooner we'll be settled in our little piece of Heaven on Earth.

That lake is calling me. And the Walleye are plentiful, as are pike, trout, and a few others fishies. Sorry - just had another memory lapse!

Our second night there we took a ride around the lake and saw a flock of turkey at one intersection; met someone who delivers firewood; and came home to a few deer in the front yard. Missed a great photo because the camera was in the house!!!

The next morning we had a flock of turkey in the front yard gradually pecking their way to the porch!

We discovered that someone I grew up with (10 years younger) lives on four lots near us. He's a jack of all trades and master of a few - as opposed to master of none! He's offered to buy part of our land across the road from our homes and we're inclined to sell because it's a wedge shaped piece that we don't have much use for.

The neighbors all seem to have heard that we don't drink alcohol anymore so they're not sure what to think of us! We told my old childhood friend that all the booze we've consumed in our lives - not to mention the tickets and jail time incurred - could buy up all their homes. Then George mentioned that he's a "retired biker and pool shark." I think this new bit of information will spread and the neighbors will relax!

The "community," as our area is called, is comprised of "good ol' boys" who help one another out and share what they have. That's okay to a point but we've discovered that over the years they've agreed to use part of our land for cast off tires, car parts, sinks and old windows and rotten lumber. This "tradition" has now ended as I spent most of the last three days stacking it all in a truck for disposal.

But, overall we're still satisfied with the place. We instantly felt at home and my Dad spent the first night there and pronounced it a "long drive for good company!"

So now I'm off for a well deserved shower and a little snuggle time with my cat - or maybe Sweetie! Talk to ya'll later, Treesong


SciFiChick said...

Wow!! So you never said the lake was on your doorstep. Now I am really really thinking you did good. LOL I love fishing more than most anything. If you didn't live so far north I'd be bidding for that pie shaped wedge. Oh my gosh... and deer n turkey? You landed in a lil piece of heaven chickie!! My heart sings for you.

HermitJim said...

Looks like a very pleasant place to come home to! I'd love to spend about a week at that lake...!

treesong said...

Y'all are welcome to get out of the southern heat and head to God's Country! The boat launch is around the corner from us; there's a fire pit in the front yard and back yard; and we just may let you pitch a tent or park a camper. Anytime, you just give me a holler and I'll put the coffee on!!!