Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things I'll Miss; Things I Look Forward To

We're all packed and ready to roll tomorrow morning.

We've been sitting here reminiscing and of course that brings to mind the things we'll miss. Tops on my list is our fairly new neighbor - a 40ish man who's been a great help when we've needed a heavy lifter, a "neighbor with a key" and just an all round nice guy.

I'll miss our local resale shop and senior center. Both carry used Charles Wysocki puzzles for 50 cents each. I'll miss our favorite grocery store clerk. She always ignores the customer limits on sale items because she knows we usually shop once a month.

I'll miss the little rock garden I've worked so hard at. Never knew arranging rocks and various plants and ground cover could be so challenging. Maybe that's cause I get anal about the placement of everything in that spot.

I'll miss the lower grocery prices. Good thing we've enough food stocked to last for a year. I just can't bring myself to go grocery shopping up there. When we were there two weeks ago we went through a grocery store 12 miles from our new place. I got disgusted on the third aisle and walked out.

Fortunately, there's plenty I'm looking forward to. Seeing my Dad and the kids and grand kids; sitting on the deck with friends; being out on the water and walking along the shore of Lake Superior; settling into our new place and giving it our own personal touch; and finally, savoring whatever time we have together in the place we intend to spend the rest of our lives.

I don't expect the financial news to improve so I feel fortunate that we're closing this deal before things deteriorate further. We'll no longer be living within a couple miles of a major highway so I don't expect wandering zombies.

We're at that time in our lives when we know we're in the sunset years. Obsessing about the latest and greatest stuff; the celebrity gossip and the local grapevine has no appeal to us. Our idea of fun is a good meal, a quiet evening with our pets or a visit from friends and family, and a sweet good night kiss. A good day is agreeing it's okay to NOT do anything that day. Security is knowing we've done all we can to prepare for emergencies; we're not in a lot of debt or living beyond our means; and we're committed to taking care of one another and loving one another unconditionally the rest of our days.

I won't be back online for over a week, so keep prepping folks.



HermitJim said...

Beautiful post and heartfelt sentiments, my friend! I wish you all the best on this new journey in your life...

God Bless!

Bustednuckles said...

Good luck.

An Unsheltered Life said...

Hope that the move, and settling in, went/are going well!