Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Trials of Selling a Home Yourself

I know why our former realtor left the business. The market in Michigan is already tanked and the prospective buyers leave a person ready to strangle them.

We had a cash offer via Craigslist for $5,000 less than our asking price - if we'd build a pole barn. The guy then emails today and says: "I offered $20,000 on another place that had a $29,000 asking price. So when I think about it - we're still too far apart on a price on your place." We have 10 acres, the other place had 2 acres and less square footage.

From my experience, people who are losing their homes and/or jobs have no sense of reality. You'd think that somewhere along the line they'd realize that they have to make some changes. Our lookers last night were a classic example. When they asked about our electric bill I pulled out all the statements. "How could it be so low," asked the woman. "Because I have seldom ever used the dryer; we turn the TV off at the power strip when not in use; and we have the water heater turned down."

She looked at him and said, "I will not go without using a dryer." Yet they had both mentioned that their monthly electric bill is nearly $200!!!

Next she complained that that driveway was too long. By then I wanted to hang her from the nearest tree but instead said, "That was prominently mentioned in the ad."

"Well, I didn't think you really meant it," she said. It rarely happens but I as at a loss for words.

Tonight we've had one no show and are now awaiting someone else who "may drive by to look at the place."

Every one of these latest inquiries have been from people who are losing their homes and have no intention of changing ONE thing about their spending habits. The aforementioned couple also had two girls with cell phones attached to their jeans who complained about missing a something on satellite TV and their Friday night Chinese buffet in town "because we had to come here to see if we could stand to live here." The parents complained that they couldn't afford a new car so they're "stuck" driving a 2004 Chevy truck and a 2006 Ford something or another. Sweetie told them he'd swap our 1997 Ford F150 for their '04 Chevy - despite the fact that he's a Ford guy - but they were not amused.

Then, about 20 minutes ago they call here and "wonder if we'd consider a very small down payment and $100 more on the monthly payment." Sweetie asked how much smaller. Instead of $4,000 down they were offering $800. I kid you not!

And these winners have until June 17th to find housing. Good luck!


vlad said...

Many are alive only because it is illegal to kill them.

Did it MY way said...

Exactly where is the property located?