Thursday, January 1, 2009

We met A Dose of Reality

Ahhh....what a little time and self-indulgent pleasure will do.

For the first time in six years I stayed awake for the ball drop at Times Square. After some kissy poo we shared chocolates and drank warm apple cider and basked in the warmth of the wood fire. At 1 .m. he says to me, "you know, I think every thing's gonna work out fine,"

I said, "no matter what comes we'll figure it out; we always do."

This morning the neighbor drove in the yard and said here's the keys, keep the car as long as you need. His wife was in their Jeep and managed to smile and wave. Her nose is usually pointed upward and her comments, when she does speak, are twinged with sarcasm. Oh well, one day she'll meet Mr's Trouble and Adversity. Sooner or later we all do.

So off to town we went for our monthly grocery shopping. As usual most everything cost more. We took advantage of some in-store sales and crossed some things off the list that we didn't buy.

Then, as we're leaving Save-a-Lot, the trip got interesting. We were loading our groceries into two huge blue lugs that Sweetie used on his shrimping boat. A couple comes by and asked if we had a large family! Of course, I said we believe in stocking up and the woman's eyes dilated! Then her hubby said, "Maryann's always wanted to meet a prepper!"

Notice: I said "stocking up" and he said "prepper!"

Sweetie began to tell them how meticulous I am with prepping and I shot him a warning look (don't give too much information dear!).

So we stand there for 20 minutes explaining the basics of prepping. At one point, the man said too bad we weren't in a coffee shop taking notes and warming up!

They didn't have Internet so I wrote down a few web addresses and suggested they use a computer at the library. Neither of them had ever thought of this.

They live about 35 miles north of us with their four children and her elderly father. I'd guess they're in their late thirties and she didn't work outside the home. Hearing this, I emphasized how cost effective prepping is; and that it's security when money's tight, the power's out or the weather sucks. In closing I said, "If you lose your job you won't be as vulnerable as people who think they're immune to reality."

Suddenly, they were quiet. I figured I was a bit too animated and apologized for getting on my soap box. Still, more quiet and a little mist in Maryann's eyes...

Then the husband speaks. "I got my layoff notice Friday. Our plant's closing."

Then she speaks. "I always wondered about prepping and now I'm afraid it's too late."

Big mouth me was speechless. Then, in unison, we said any prepping they do now will help them. Any.

Their lips voiced agreement but, the their faces said otherwise as they walked away.


HermitJim said...

We talk about trying to warn them and educate them, wondering if they listen. They laugh at us, frown at us, ignore us, and doubt us...then like you said, we meet them and they realise that we are real people and that they should have listened a little more!

The hardest learned lessons are best remembered. I wish them all the best in the New Year. God bless 'em!

Patricia said...

Those folks will have learned a lesson, unfortunately, learned the hard way, but since life isn't going to get any easier, at least they're learning it now. There's still so many folks who haven't learned....won't and even refuse to learn. You helped them with the websites you showed them, Treesong. That's a good thing.

d.a. said...

Ouch. :-(

My best to you, and them too!