Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Revealing Headlines

From Yahoo:

DALLAS (Reuters) – Americans may reduce the amount they spend on food in response to a sour economy but some experts fear they may pick up weight in the process.

The specter of "recession pounds" is a concern weighing on health professionals, who point to numerous studies linking obesity and unhealthy eating habits to low incomes.

They fear that as people cut food spending they will cut back on healthy but relatively expensive items such as fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and whole grains, in favor of cheaper options high in sugar and saturated fats.


And when they can no longer afford to buy food or it's not readily available - and they haven't PREPPED for leaner times (pardon the pun). eventually they'll have those round, protruding abdomens that are a sign of malnutrition and starvation!

And then another headline said "Cheney Says NO ONE Saw the Recession Coming."

I guess I'm part of the "NO ONE" crowd.

What a dumb ass.


Mayberry said...

Hmmmmm..... I been screamin' 'bout DEPRESSION since last May.... But hey, I'm just an "uneducated" workin' stiff. Pay me no mind. Nevermind that my I.Q. is within a few points of King Georges'. Or our "savior" Barry Obammy's....... My "round, protuding abdomen" is the result of barley and hops, heh heh....
I figgered fresh fruit and veggies to be cheaper than packaged crap?

Fresh fish costs me $34 a year for the liscense. And a little bit more for lures. I reckon I catch $100 or more worth of fish on that license per year without even tryin'. I'd get more if I worked harder at it, went wade fishin' and such.... Some crab traps would pay off quickly too!

HermitJim said...

Add me to that "no one" crowd! Maybe some folks are finally starting to catch on! Maybe...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Guess i'm "no one" as well; but then i knew that...Ha!

Staying Alive said...

Preppers are smarter than the average American and will buy better food than the average idiot on the streeet. But the thing to realize is that the preppers will have food while the rest of the population is out rioting in the streets and calling Obama dirty names, all the while going hungry.

Got preps?