Monday, January 5, 2009

Today's Observations

Sweetie has found another truck motor so now the seemingly endless "I gotta go to town for a part" has begun. Today, I blocked the door and said, "Not without me you don't."

Poor guy gave me a strange look and said, "Well, of course dear."

The library was closed so I struck out there. Then the grocery store we patronize didn't have potato starch flour so he grudgingly drove to Glen's Market. Why people shop there is beyond me but I did find the flour - for 79 cents more than I'm used to paying. When I told Sweetie about the price increase he accused me of trying to eat gold.

After filling our prescriptions and dropping cans off at the recycle place he remembered one more part he needs. Thirty-four dollars later we were headed home. Good thing too 'cause our funds are being siphoned off left and right.

I've felt so deprived not eating regular food that I had a batch of gluten free noodles whipped up in 10 minutes. The last paragraph of the recipe says, "After years of abstinence, probably the first thing you will want to do is eat the noodles hot from the pan, slathered with butter and grated Parmesan cheese."

Exactly what I did - until Mr. Truck Mechanic comes in and decides he'd like a taste.

Good thing he moved his hand when he did 'cause I'm in no mood to take care of a four-pronged owie.

After satisfying my taste buds I decided to commune with Mita the Wonder Cat.

Two things kept running through my gray matter:

The first was the phrase, "I'll believe it when I see it." Imagine all the people who will be reflecting on that statement as the collapse unfolds! For the hard-headed, delusional whack jobs, I wonder what their new refraim will be.

The second thing I kept pondering was - do I emit some kind of sonic signal to the lost and befuddled when I go grocery shopping? I'm beginning to think so.

Today, as I stared at the Bob's Red Mill display in Glen's Market, a woman pushes her cart up and says, "Kind of expensive stuff to be buying; don't you think?"

Well, yeah, it's expensive and I do think, though I may not look like I do.

Incredibly, she's yakking about expensive stuff while filling her cart at the most expensive grocery store in town!! Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I tell her I have to eat gluten free and she says, "Well, I'd be dropping that idea in a hurry!"

"Dropping it isn't an option," I say.

She huffs a little and says, "Well, with the way things are going, we'll be lucky to eat oatmeal every day."

I dunno, I must've been in one of my moods 'cause I say, "Well, regular steel cut oats are a good thing to have stocked in your pantry."

The earth seemed to stand still. She narrows her gaze and seethes: "Oh no, you're one of those hippie survivalist wackos!"

Ya got that right sweetie!

I tell ya, it's downright entertaining to go out anymore.


Anonymous said...

LOL, I shouldn't laugh, the woman was downright rude, but lordy she will be the first one howling in the times ahead!

Stephanie in AR said...

Steel cut oats makes one a hippy survivalist wacko? lol Guess no one remembered to tell Oprah!

I just grit my teeth when the dh decides he needs to do a major vehicle repair. Somehow it morphs into a lot of $$. Leaves me wondering how much was necessary and how much was *necessary*. Deep breathes & reminding myself that he does have our best interest at heart helps...kind of. At least he finally on line searches to see which parts store has the best pricing. Once he was able to matter of factly tell a smart mouthed kid that the part was listed, was in-stock, and was priced at $$...well that was all it took. lol I'll take what I can get.

Hope Sweetie remembers that shrinking bank account & the job goes smoothly with nothing busted on man or vehicle.

ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

Oh my "hippie survivalist wacko"? My sister eats steal cut oats because she's into the organic/green movement and is about as far away from a hippie survivalist wacko as you can get. She doesn't believe in ANY of the things I do and that's what she thinks I am :)

HermitJim said...

Well, as one "hippy survivalist wacko" to another...I say good for you for NOT telling her what she could do with that shopping cart!

Some people just burn my backside!

d.a. said...

Wow, and for years I simply thought steel-cut oats tasted good, and were good for you, too! :-)

Mayberry said...

Well cheers from a fellow whacko hippie survivalist! Peace, man....
Lord, sheeple are stupid.... Griping that they'll have nothing to eat but oatmeal, then slammin' you for stocking up? Ugh.... My brain hurts.......

Lois said...

When I go grocery shopping, I use the play on words "Stupid Market" as opposed to Supermarket.

I get so sad when I see the stuff people have in their carts. People are digging their graves one forkful at a time.

Treesong, I am a new reader of your blog and give you a great big "RIGHT ON" for your thoughts. (Imagine a raised fist in the air, 60's style) ;)

Take good care of yourselves.


treesong said...

Welcome Lois!

Give me a holler at if you ever want to chat.

Same goes for the rest of you.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

now, she says she'll soon be lucky to have a bowl of oatmeal everyday, but those who will fare better when TSHTF, because we not only saw put PREPPED, are "hippie survivalist wackos", are we?
Wonder who's gonna get the oats when the yuppie failed-to-survive wackos... oh, that'd be we!

[BTW, i note my word verification key is "teate".
Sucked dry, i'd bet...]


Anonymous said...

When my grandmother was diagnosed as being diabetic, the doctor told her that when having to make changes in lifetime habits, not to over do it. Pick a day in the week where the diet is off, and you eat what you've been craving, using moderation.

In that way, you don't feel so deprived. I know when I go on those 3 day 'Lose 10 pounds' diets, I crave PBJ sandwiches something fierce, not even giving them a thought when off the diet.

I hope this helps.