Friday, January 23, 2009

Painted Cats and Reborns? How About Suicide Stand-ins?

As my health permits, I try to read various news media, blogs and emails every day. For the most part, I sense a collective pause among us. Not necessarily spoken but there none the less.

Much like anticipating spring while being grateful for a lull in the storm. And then we watch the news and hear of more insanity and ask ourselves "when will it ever end?"

And just when I think the world can get no crazier, my friend sends me an email with pictures of painted cats. Real cats. Seems some idiots fork over $1,600 to have their cat painted! And, it must be reapplied every few weeks as the design grows out!

Proof that Insanity still reigns supreme in the USA.

Reminds me of those Reborn dolls featured on 20/20 or 48Hours. They're realistic, life size portrayals of infants bought by women who long for a cuddly bundle without the medical bills, real S---t in their diapers, or colic. Just buy your onesies and cribs and strollers and you'll experience baby bliss. Again, the price averages about $1,500 to $3,000. Per Reborn doll.

How nice to add another "person" to their self absorbed, make believe world.

Of course government does likewise. A few more cyberspace digits there and another decimals here and everything will be fine. Though President Obama says we all need to develop an attitude of service and a smile of helpfulness, he and his administration are really continuing GAWKI - government as we know it.

But no civilization on the face of the earth has lasted and neither will this one. Oh what a sight it will be when the stock market plunges well below 8,000 (how about below 5,000?) and several hundred more Wall Streeters and other thieves commit suicide or fake their own deaths.

But up to their last desperate moment at least one of them will likely consider a way to abscond once again.

Who knows, maybe this enterprising person will develop a niche market - suicide stand-ins. People who take the plunge (because they're desperate enough by their own circumstances) will receive X amount of dollars payable to their survivors. With the appropriate cosmetic surgery and other modifications to delay discovery of the charade, the "payer" is given ample time to slink into the tropics.

Dark thoughts, I know. But I wouldn't be surprised. Not one bit.


HermitJim said...

Interesting thought...very interesting thought indeed!

Unless I used a spray paint, I would never be able to get my 2 roomies to be still long enough to paint them! But then, why would I want to?

Like Alice Through The Looking Glass out there more each day!

Mamma Bear said...

Don't worry Treesong. That cat painted stuff is a internet rumor. Someone copied the pictures from a series of books called Famous Painted Cats, Why Cat's paint and a couple of others I can't remember. The kitty's are all a product of a art program on the computer.

I don't know a thing about those reborns though...never heard of them.

An Unsheltered Life said...

Dark thought, yeah, but I wouldn't be surprised. We live in an age where personal responsibility is some sort of filthy phrase, not a way of life. If there's a way to worm out of taking the blame for one's actions, no matter how rotten those acts are, somebody will take it. Siiigh.

Patricia said...

Treesong, I have a calender of actual cats that people have painted--and it is hilarious. A few of the painted cats are truly lovely, and the rest are more or less hideous, poor things. Can't imagine how they got the cats to sit still for it. I know mine wouldn't. Even funnier are the art critics quoted on the calendar, who comment on the "art." People are bizarre.

Mayberry said...

Yup, that's some weird stuff. And I can see the "stand ins" as a last resort for desperate people... Glad you're doing better. Take care!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Just gave me an idea for a home business;

Missouri Painted Domesticats...