Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feeling Hopeful

Nah, not about the collapse. Feeling hopeful about our future; our plans to move north.

Maybe it was a dream I had a couple nights ago. Maybe it was the inquiries about our place posted on Craigslist. Maybe it was the call last night from my eldest son.

He's located another home up for sale for back taxes - and a water bill. Hopefully, he's first in line Monday morning. What really tugged at my heartstrings was this: "Mom, if I get the place you and George can live there anytime you want for as long as you want." No need to rent from him; just pay the utilities.

It's great to know we have another option. It's great too, to know he was thinking of us. So, when we sell this place, we have a place to stay until we settle on something else. If Sweetie should die (terrible thought, I know) and I'm alone, I have a place to go. If we decide to relocate before selling this place, we'll have a temporary home. And, when we go north to visit, we'll have a place for our dog and cats to spread out!

Of course, all these "if" scenarios are dependent on him buying the place. Sometime tomorrow we'll know. And, if not this place, there will eventually be another place because eldest son is always looking for a deal.

He's real excited about this place because it has all new thermopane windows and siding. And, yeah, we'd rather be in the country but being near my children, grandkids and father is worth a little inconvenience - at least in the short term.

And, though the house is in town (population about 5,000) it's at least an OPTION.

I can't stress enough the need for options. If you're counting on one job, one relationship, one vehicle, one tool or one of anything - eventually you'll be disappointed, frustrated, or find yourself in danger.

Experience has taught me that having options pays off. Like the time I had one of those donut spares but had two flat tires within 20 miles on an interstate. And no Fix-it Flat or regular spare after the first flat.

Or the time I camped on Isle Royale and forgot the first aid kit (DUMB!!!) and fell from a 25 foot cliff wearing shorts. I was really slim and trim and active then. Probably the only thing that saved my sorry self!

Or the time I accidentally threw the lantern wicks away after stocking my cabin for winter - and didn't discover this until sometime in January during a blizzard. I had plenty of kerosene and one battery powered lantern (which didn't last long) with no spare battery
So today, think about your options which is another way of saying: "Do you have backups?"


An Unsheltered Life said...

Options are good. I like to have a plan A, B, and C if at all possible, because Murphy's a tough professor. :)

HermitJim said...

Glad to see no.1 son looking out for ya...and I hope all goes well!

Having backups is indeed very important! Good point!

Mayberry said...

Backups is what it's all about!