Thursday, January 15, 2009

Road Trip and Signs of the Times

First, thanks to everyone for your comments. I'm doing a bit better.

Still tire easily so this will be short.

Tuesday we took a road trip to St. Johns, MI., to pick up a part for our tractor. The part could have been shipped but Sweetie wanted to compare it to the old part just to be sure. And, we needed a break. I've been cooped up long enough and not being able to do much didn't help. He's been next door in the pole barn for hours on end for three weeks and he could do no more on his tractor without a new PTO shaft.

After getting the part we drove on to a very small village I lived in 30 years ago. It was great to visit friends and see all the changes in the area. Despite massive new construction in a nearby town, the foreclosure mess has really swamped the village. Of roughly 200 homes, 45 are in foreclosure. I suspect my friends' place will be added to the list soon.

Everyone in their family was out of work and many had already lost their homes and were doubling up with relatives. One of their daughters - who has a husband and five kids - moved in with an aunt who has two sons. All of them are in a three bedroom house. Only the aunt has a job.

Sweetie really liked the area, especially the farms and tractors everywhere he looked. I had told him on the way there that if anything happened to him and I didn't return to the Upper Peninsula, I would return to this small village. Later that day he said, "If you want to move to this area and we can find 10 acres and a house, I'd do it in a minute." So time will tell.

On the way home we took a different but more direct route. Saw lots of real estate signs and one huge sign at the end of a driveway. It had a phone number followed by this plea: "Will work for cash. Will do anything."

After an hour, we stopped at a gas station and I asked the clerk if they had any real estate flyers or magazines. She said, "Yes, we do but if you drive down any street here about every other house is for sale." I told her we would only look at rural property. she said, "Oh, well a few places either east, west, north or south are for sale. Take your pick. In fact, come back next month and there'll be a lot more."

Signs of the times, for sure.


HermitJim said...

Glad you are doin a little better...but sorry to hear so many are being hit so hard in your friends village. You're's a sign of things to come.

An Unsheltered Life said...

Signs of the times, indeed. People are being hit hard, but more are waking up to the reality that they could be next. Keep prepping, folks, and don't give up.

ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

Glad to see you posting again. I enjoy reading!

Mayberry said...

I'll second Hermit, glad yer better.... It's so sad to see what the criminals in charge have done to people, and it's only gonna get worse... I'm ready to fight, to restore freedom to America. I've had all I can stand......

Lois said...

Dear TS,

So good to read your post. I see many of the same real estate signs here in upstate NY.

Please take good care of yourself & Sweetie.


Mamma Bear said...

I am glad to see you are feeling well enough to post. So sorry to hear about your village friends woes. It is happening more and more and hitting almost everyone we know, both family and friends.

Staying Alive said...

Damn! It's good to have you back! The For Sale signs are everywhere. Every day we sink a little bit lower in the mire. I hope people will recognize this and start helping each other. It ain't gonna get any better for a long, long time. PREPARE!


MEB said...

i was thrilled that you visited my feeble efforts to blog. will try to get back to it, even with 1 finger on l. hand. hope you cont. to feel better. i know from caring for m.s patients/resdedents u will have your good days and bad days..hopfuly mostly good inspire me.