Friday, January 2, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

Forgot to mention that December 31st was DAY 89 of the food in the freezer experiment I began on October 3rd. Yeah, 89 days of stretching the frozen meats until they looked like taffy; using canned tuna, chicken and beef; and eating a few meatless meals meant more money for other things.

Tonight we're having chicken/rice/broccoli baked on top of the wood stove in a 13x9 cake pan. I cooked one chicken leg/thigh and cut it into pieces. Probably could use one thigh and still have a decent meal. The chicken broth will add flavor and moisture for the rice to cook; the chicken scraps go to the dog. Yeah, yeah, that's dangerous but Sweetie has always done this so I don't argue.

It's snowing so much today it looks like a piece of gauze has been wrapped across the earth.

Sweetie is out scouting for a truck motor and I've spent the morning doing laundry and answering emails. Here's a sampling:

My friend from Tuscon has been in England for two weeks. I'd asked her if she had read any of the local papers or watched TV. "No, I'm not in the mood for doom and gloom," she said. "Besides, these people consume enough pints that they won't notice any changes." I think not!!!! Then she said, "Everything here is small. Small houses, small cars, small shops, and Internet access is hard to come by. And the people! My God, they seldom crack a smile or speak to strangers unless they're in the pub and plowed. Must be their dreary existence."

Another from my sister-in-law: "How in the H do you guys survive? A rat couldn't live on that much." She was complaining about my brother's latest shopping spree - two snowmobiles and another snowmobile trailer, several guns and another 4x4 truck. I had said we could live for 3-5 years on what those purchases cost.

And then this from the acquaintance I've mentioned before. "Hi, just wanted to let you know I have Internet again. I sold one dresser and the spare bed so I'd could be online and have something to do all winter." She lives on partial SS disability, an occasional odd job, and a movie addiction: "Oh, yeah, I also bought 20 new movies if you want to come over for movie night sometime." This is the same person we've given food to during her "Rough times." Go figure.

Some people still expect different results while repeating the same actions. It irks me that they somehow manage to hang on. They're still breathing and pro-creating and consuming. I dunno. One of these days the S has got to hit the fan so hard that they're eliminated.

I also called my 80-year-old father yesterday. He's still driving to town every day in order to have company - no matter what the weather or road conditions. And he continues to lose things; the latest being his cell phone. I told him to get a pouch that can hang around his neck for the next phone. Ah, the joys of getting older.

So, at the beginning of 2009, I think I'm still sane. How about you?

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HermitJim said...

Treesong, I think that you and I must know some of the same people! This sure sounds familiar, if you know what I mean.

Funny how people's priorities can be so different when we see the same news stories, isn't it?

You have a good day, my friend!